Dumped & Facing A Hurricane, Jasmine Found Safety & Good Food Thanks To You

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 11, 2021

Stray cats often become part of feral colonies after they’re dumped by the humans who depend on them. Sadly, this happens to cats too often, but thanks to the dedicated cat lovers of For Forgotten Felines and other rescues like them, stray cats like Jasmine get the chance to find their forever families. And you play a huge part in the forever miracle thanks to the way you shop!

Shopping is fun. You get cute new stuff and that’s always a win. But what if you could shop for adorable merchandise that also gave back by donating money from every purchase to hungry cats and kittens in shelters and rescues across the country? You can! And that’s exactly what your doing when you buy products for you and your cat from iHeartCats.com!

Funding the Feeding of Felines

So, how does it work?

It’s easy, you shop and buy, and then, we take care of the rest thanks to a partnership between iHeartCats.com and Greater Good Charities. The Rescue Bank, a pet food distribution initiative within the family of Greater Good Charities, has been keeping hungry bellies full for over a decade. This vital program is one that’s saving lives with the funds that come from your purposeful shopping. To date, the Rescue Bank has delivered over 275 million meals to shelters and rescues across the country. And with your help, we’re making that number grow!

Jasmine is one of many rescue cats who got back on their paws with good food from the Rescue Bank.

Almost Too Late, But Caught Just In Time

For Forgotten Felines of Kihei, Hawaii, explained Jasmine was found hanging out “in an industrial area just prior to a hurricane.” Along with her was a male Lynx Point Siamese. But every time she saw people, Jasmine’s terror would send her fleeing, leaving the rescuers with only fleeting glances of her. After a month, they finally caught her and the Siamese lad. Neither of them were fixed, so it would have been only a matter of time before kittens came along, but thankfully For Forgotten Felines got hold of the Jasmine and the Siamese lad before the inevitable litter could be created.

Image Courtesy of For Forgotten Felines

For Forgotten Felines reported when managed to trap her, Jasmine was a mess, explaining, “It was hard to determine her color, she was so caked in filth and mud.”

In addition, her fur was more than just filthy. There were bare patches in her coat that revealed skin with “open, oozing lesions.” Her entire body was consumed by the skin condition and she burned with fever.

“In a few more days, it would have been too late.”

She went immediately to the vet, where she was treated to “a cocktail of meds and a bath. She turned out to be snow white with topaz eyes and friendly.”

Now, Jasmine is well down the road of healing, playing with friends and enjoying a proper cat social life. And thanks to those valuable food donations, For Forgotten Felines was happy to share, “She’s getting good nutrition, which is half the battle in boosting her immune system.”

Image Courtesy of For Forgotten Felines

As for the Siamese, he headed to a local sanctuary as he wasn’t the most social of guys. But sweet Jasmine has her eyes cast toward home, preferably one that’s quiet and most definitely loving.

“Without the excellent nutrition provided by Rescue Bank, cats like Jasmine would be less healthy. We could not help as many animals without the awesome food donations from Rescue bank.”

And again, none of this could happen without you! So, buy you and your special kitty a treat and enjoy knowing you’re helping cats in need.

Shop & Give Back!

The following products provide quality food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups and kitties.

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