Old Man Cat Comforts Shelter Kittens

Male cats often get a bad rap for being tough Toms who are wild and want little in the way of cuddling. Cat lovers disagree. Boy cats are just as lovey as their lady counterparts. Old Man Harrow proves this every minute of every day. And rather than being a crabby old man, he’s a sweet Gramps of a cat with much love for the stray kittens of Alley Cat Rescue. Harrow once had a home, but after his human … Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Ducklings As Her Own

Cats and fowl are risky business when put together. Instinct drives a cat to hunt the bird they spy. But, not always. Sometimes the protection instinct overrides the hunt. A couple in Clara, County Offaly, Ireland, witnessed just such a thing. Ronan and Emma Lally grew concerned when three ducklings went missing on their small farm. The hatchlings had just broken free of their shells that day. Anything could of have happened to the fuzzy babies, but Ronan had a … Read more

Ilene The Blind Kitten Finds Forever Family

Ilene the kitten is blind. Whether she was born this way or lost her eyes to injury or infection will remain forever a mystery. But, regardless of her vision loss, Ilene is a spunky kitten, full of love and life. As a blind and abandoned kitten, she almost didn’t get the chance to know the comfort of loving arms and a forever home. Left in a trash pile and caught in a heavy rainstorm washing through Madera, California, the small … Read more

Girl’s Christmas List Asks For Donations Instead Of Toys

Landyn Wadsworth understands the true magic of Christmas, believing its in the giving, not the receiving. Not for the first time, the 8-year-old animal lover filled her Christmas list with requests for donations instead of toys. Landyn asked for food and supplies for the cats and dogs spending the holidays with the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington. As one of Santa’s best helpers, Landyn asks for donations in the form of cash, food, blankets, and other supplies instead of … Read more

Man Creates ‘Cat Coolers’ To Keep Stray Cats Warm

Philip Rogich is a hero to felines, helping stray and feral cats keep warm in the winter cold. As temperatures started to drop, Philip and his wife wanted to do something for the animals of Ogden, Utah, with no warm space to call home. Using an old cooler, a drill bit, and a wad of straw, he’s giving cold cats a chance to warm up and stay safe during the freezing months. In an interview with Fox 13, Philip said, … Read more

The Loneliest Cat In Britain Gets Christmas Wish

When warm in the glow of the holidays, it can be hard to remember there are those that go without love and family in this coldest of seasons. Toby, an 11-year old tuxedo cat, knows this loneliness. He’s been in a shelter for so long he’s known as Britain’s loneliest cat. If the pattern holds, the sweet boy will spend his second Christmas with the RSPCA of England & Wales. And while he’s safe and happy with the shelter, he … Read more

Reunion With Missing Tabby “Best Christmas Gift Ever”  

After a four-year deployment, U.S. Army captain Molly McFadden was excited to come home to the U.S. from Germany. Making the journey a couple months ago, she traveled with her feline family, three-year old tabby Milo and fluffy, ginger Beau. In a country far from home, the kitty boys were her family abroad. In a Facebook post, Molly wrote, “I didn’t have my family with me, but I had Milo and his brother Beau. They’ve been with me through thick … Read more

Kitten Falls From Sky, Lands In Loving Hands

Kittens raining from the sky may seem like a dream come true in theory, but in reality, it’s a terrifying experience which could prove deadly. Lucky for one newborn kitten that actually did fall from the sky, the tiny baby landed without injury and into lots of love. In Chesterfield, UK, Kendera White jogged down a country lane on a quiet run when from her peripheral vision, she saw an unbelievable sight. “I saw something drop through the air on … Read more

Kitten Becomes Lap Cat for Life Thanks to Dedicated Foster Mom

Kittens love to cuddle. Security means everything to a tiny furball just finding its way in the world. Imagine being a kitten with no home, no steady food source, and no lap in which to snooze. Like many other kittens in the wild, Dudley knew only uncertainty before volunteers performed a trap-neuter-release operation in Orlando, FL, recently. Traps were set and baited with food, which made them irresistible to a kitten so hungry. Unlike his siblings, Dudley walked into the … Read more

Serenity the Dog Risked Her Life to Keep Kittens Warm on Snowy Night

Cats and dogs are known foes, but when temperatures drop and babies are in trouble, the rift between species matters little. The night was freezing, snowing falling down around the ears of any soul caught outside. It was not an evening to be outdoors, but when Serenity the dog sensed trouble in the cold, she braved the frigid temps anyhow. Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook Out in the snow, Serenity found five kittens all alone, facing certain death without the help … Read more