5 Things To Check Off Your List When Leaving Your Cat With A Sitter

With the holiday season upon us, we’re often traveling around and unable to take our pets along. For those times we’re leaving them behind and in the care of someone we trust, it can be overwhelming making sure everything is in order and ready to go for our cats. Do they have everything they need? Will they be comfortable? Does the pet sitter have the right information? When planning to leave your kitty with a trusty friend or daycare, it’s … Read more

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Ears

Ears are arguably one of the cutest features on our cats, as proven by the many cat-ear hats, hoods and costumes there are out there. Since cats use their ears so much to communicate, it can be endearing to see all of the different ways they move around. Just like us, though, their ears need some special care to keep infections and other ailments away. There’s nothing too complicated about caring for your cat’s ears, but it’s good to know … Read more

3 Tips For Caring For Your Cat’s Paws

Our cats are constantly on their feet and unlike us, they’re running around barefoot all the time. While foot care is often an afterthought for most cat owners, it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. Our kitties need some tender loving care when it comes to their feet just like we do, so make sure you’re doing what you can to keep those paws healthy and comfortable. #1 – Trim Nails Nail care is very important for your cat’s overall paw … Read more

5 Reasons Grooming Your Cat Is Important

While most cat owners get their cat groomed to keep their cat looking their best, many overlook just how important proper grooming is. Grooming is an integral part of your cat’s health and well-being and even a short-coated cat can suffer from a lack of grooming. The amount of grooming your cat will need will depend on their coat type, but adequate grooming is important for all cats. Whether you take your feline to the groomer or tackle the task … Read more

Make Your Cat Happier & Healthier With This Simple Switch In His Mealtime Routine

Most cat moms and dads would do anything to make their feline family members happier. And if there is a cheap, easy way to do this? There’s no question about it! The good news is, you can help your kitty live a happier, healthier life simply by changing her mealtime habits. All you have to do is challenge your cat to work for her food. A photo posted by Sir Isaac Newton (@sir.newton.kitty) on Oct 10, 2016 at 9:41am PDT In … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Dental health is an important part of your cat’s overall wellness and should not be overlooked. However, if there is somewhere cat owners find themselves slacking, it’s usually in the dental health department. This is because keeping your cat’s teeth clean has been emphasized relatively recently and a lot of people are simply unaware of the risks. However, just like people, there are many oral diseases that cats can and do get that could lead to even greater problems down … Read more

3 Important Reasons Why Your Cat’s Dental Health Matters

When it comes to dental health, many pet owners are still behind the curve. Although more and more are checking in for yearly anesthetic dentals by their veterinarians, others are still hesitant to spend the money. Many of us find it difficult to keep up a toothbrushing routine. Whatever the reason, we need to remember that dental health is important. In fact, it’s probably more important to your cat’s overall health than you realize. #1 – Bad Breath While cats … Read more

4 Cancer Prevention Tips For Cats

When it comes to feline health, cancer prevention is at the top of everyone’s list. Rightfully so, because cancer affects our feline friends at a frightening rate. Regardless of breed or mix of breeds, cancer is a very real risk to our beloved cats. While much of preventing cancer relies on causes we’re either unaware of or just can’t control, there are some things we can do to help keep this awful disease at bay. #1 – Spay & Neuter … Read more

5 Reasons To Quarantine Your New Kitten

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how amazing kittens are; it’s obvious just from looking at them. They’re furry little balls of overwhelming cuteness, and adopting one into your family can instantly fill your home with sweetness and fun. While you’ll probably want your new baby to be with you immediately and all of the time, it can benefit both you and your kitten to quarantine her for a few days, especially if you live with other animals. … Read more

Special Message On Lost Cat’s Collar Saves His Life

While out for a run, a Texas woman recently came across a cat wandering around. He was an orange tabby wearing a collar and seemed quite friendly. Any other day, she would have just kept running by, but something in her gut feeling said to check on this little kitty. Thankfully she listened, because she surely saved his life. She was recently browsing Reddit and reading a thread that mentioned, “If you have an indoor cat, put ‘Name (Indoor cat)’ … Read more