9 Ways To Make Living With A Cat Easier

| Published on March 15, 2015

It’s not that living with cats is difficult, it’s just that they can suddenly seem to take over our lives. After adding a cat to your home, you soon realize that you really belong to the cat – not the other way around. Our cats are the head of the household! Whether you’re struggling to adapt to your new schedule or just finally realizing you want to make things a little lighter on yourself, these tips will make living with a cat so much easier.

#1 – Trim Nails Regularly


A healthy cat’s claws will grow quickly and if you want to suffer as little as possible, it’s a good idea to trim them regularly. Not only will you be less likely to get scratched up, you’ll be saving your furniture and making your cat more comfortable.

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#2 – Offer a Safe Place


Cats aren’t the most socially outgoing animals around, with a few exceptions. Therefore, it’s a great idea to create a safe place for your cat to go when they’re feeling scared or uncomfortable. You can make a whole room a safe place or just put a bed somewhere quiet and secluded.

#3 – Get a Spray Bottle


Cats aren’t as easy to train as dogs, but it’s certainly possible. If you’re looking to stop a behavior that your cat is doing that bothers you, like jumping on the kitchen counter, you can use a spray bottle as a relatively harmless correction. Just make sure you’re cat doesn’t see you, because they aren’t the most forgiving pets.

#4 – Grow Your Own Catnip



Cats love catnip, but buying quality herbs can be expensive. Not only does growing your own catnip save money, it gives your cat a chance to get all of the benefits of the plant. Allowing your cat to play around in the plant can improve skin and coat health.

#5 – Accept What You Can’t Change


Cats are unique individuals, just like people. They all have their own separate wants and needs. If you’ve got a particularly difficult cat, say one that’s very shy or overly vocal, you might find yourself frustrated. But remember not to get upset with your cat, because their personalities aren’t any fault of their own. Accepting your cat as an individual will help you bond better and make living with each other much more enjoyable.

#6 – Make Your Own Cat Hammock



Cats sleep a lot, which means cat beds are in high demand. Because of this, they can also be quite expensive. By buying a piece of cloth big enough for your cat to comfortably sleep in, you can sew or glue velcro straps to each corner and wrap them around the legs of a chair. Voila! Cat hammock! Learn to make it here.

#7 – Clean Out Your Closet & Make a Cat Bed

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.09.17 PM


The wonderful folks over at Molly Mutt started making dog duvet covers years ago. What’s unique about these beds is that they’re stuffed with your old clothes and linens! The duvet covers come with a stuff bag that you can put any old clothes you don’t want anymore inside, making it so comfortable you’ll think it’s a designer bed. Because of it’s popularity, Molly Mutt started making smaller sizes that are perfect for cats! Find out more about them here.

#8 – User a Carrier As a Bed


Getting a cat in a carrier can be serious business, even leading to some casualties. Since it’s likely your cat will have to be put in a carrier at some point in their life, so using said carrier as a comfortable bed in its downtime. This will make your cat feel safe going inside and even come to enjoy it. That way, when you do need to use it for travel or whatnot, it won’t be such a hassle getting your cat inside.

#9 – Put Bird Feeders Outside Windows


Cats can get bored just like people do, so finding ways to entertain them is important. Since there isn’t much for a cat to do while we’re gone at work or school, putting bird feeders outside a nice window will give your cat some safe entertainment. They’ll love watching the birds and will get the perfect mental stimulation.

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