10 Ways To Thank Your Cat For Being Purrfect

| Published on January 25, 2024
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Your cat gives you everything – devotion, a lap warmer, someone to hug you when you need it most, and so much more. These little bundles of fur fill our lives with comfort, joy, and companionship. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our feline friends provide a constant, calming presence. They’re there to greet us after a long day, offering purrs and head-butts that seem to magically dissolve our stress.

Our feline dears also have a unique way of making a house feel like a home. They fill our spaces with their playful antics, graceful movements, and those serene moments of contented napping. Scientific studies have even shown that cats can improve our mental and physical health – from lowering stress levels and blood pressure to offering emotional support through their intuitive nature.

So, why not take a moment to thank the remarkable creature who rules your heart? Let your cat know how much you love and appreciate them for all they do. Whether it’s through extra cuddles, playful adventures, or other thoughtful gestures, showing gratitude to your cat strengthens the bond you share. And let’s face it, they deserve it for all the joy and comfort they bring into our lives. Get ready to pamper your cat and say thank you in the most delightful ways!

10 Ways to Thank Your Feline For Being So Fine

#1 – Home-Cooked Meal

One surefire way to a cat heart? Filling their tummy! Treat your kitty to a meal that doesn’t come from a bag or can. Nothing says love like a good home-cooked meal. Learn more about cooking for your cat with our guide on homemade cat food. Or, bake up some homemade cat treats with one these 5 Easy DIY Cat Treat Recipes.

#2 – Skip the Groomers

Most cats don’t enjoy leaving the house to head to the groomers. Give your kitty one day of freedom by skipping the grooming, just this once. But don’t forget that cats do need regular brushing. If you skip a grooming sesh, be sure to spend some quality time with your kitty and a good brush, like the itPlus Self-Cleaning Cat Grooming Brush. It’s a option that works with all fur types and cleans out with the push of a button. Bye, bye loose cat hair!

itPlus Self-Cleaning Cat Grooming Brush
  • Slicker brush for cat fur of all types 
  • Made with stainless steel needles 
  • Self-cleaning; just press the button to remove hair 
  • Easy-to-grip, nonslip handle 

#3 – Plant a Catnip Garden

A gift that keeps on giving – plant a catnip garden so your feline can have a nip every now and then. As we know cats love catnip and a great way to thank your cat for being awesome is to grow a catnip garden! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. They’ll love a fresh tasty leaf before playtime. Read more about cats and catnip in LINK

If you’d like to start your catnip plants from seed, consider Gaea’s Blessing Catnip Seeds. They’re non-GMO and boast a 90% germination rate. And these catnip seeds are harvested from an American farm in Texas.

Gaea's Blessing Seeds - Catnip Seeds
  • Open-pollinated, non-GMO
  • Tested to grow well in harsher climates
  • Harvest in 80 days
  • Sustainable growing methods
  • Based in Austin, Texas

Cats also enjoy nibbling grass, so consider adding cat grass to your cat garden for extra green goodness. To build the best indoor garden for your kitty, check out How To Build A Cat Grass & Catnip Planter.

#4 – Extra Playtime

Cats are natural-born hunters, and playtime is their chance to channel their inner lion. Whether it’s chasing a laser dot, pouncing on a feather toy, or going nuts over that crinkly ball, playtime is when your cat gets to be the wild, majestic creature they secretly are. It’s not just fun – it’s a cat’s way of keeping in touch with their primal instincts. So if playtime is good, extra is a great way to thank them for being so amazing!

But extra playtime isn’t just a blast for your cat; it’s also a golden opportunity to strengthen your bond. Extra playtime keeps your cat agile, fit, and at a healthy weight. Think of it as a fun workout session (but with more purring and less gym attire). Plus, it’s a fantastic way to keep their minds sharp and engaged while helping them relieve stress.

Any of these twenty toys for cats will be a win with your kitty, especially the Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand Toy. Pet Fit also offers a seven-piece replacement toy set with more worms, feathers, and a mouse.

Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand Cat Toy
  • Stimulates feline hunting drives 
  • Interchangeable toy lures with easy clasp 
  • Removable jingly bell to attract feline attention  
  • Break-resistant telescoping carbon fiber & fiberglass pole
  • Reinforced eyelet & nylon filament won't snap 

#5 – New Cat Bed

Cats love to be cozy, so why not give your kitty a new cat bed? Sure, cats sleep anywhere, but isn’t nice to have your own cozy little nest? Your feline sweetheart thinks so and will know you appreciate them every time they curl up for a nap in MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave. It’s a comfortable place where a cat can retreat for a secure snooze while keeping an eye on the world.

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly wool
  • Cats can sit inside or on top
  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Holds its shape well
  • Comes in two sizes and four colors

#6 – Give Kitty a Box

Nothing simpler than a box to make a kitty happy. And in this world of shipping and delivery, you probably have a cardboard box full of your cat’s food arriving soon, so hand your kitty dear that box and sprinkle in a little catnip. You’re both in for a treat! Or if you want to give your cat something a little fancier, cardboard cat houses are always an adorable win.

If you’re feeling crafty, check out to take that box to the next level with Cardboard Cuteness: Build Your Cat A Dream Home!

#7 – Extra Cuddles

Cuddling isn’t just a comforting gesture; it plays a big role in the emotional and physical well-being of your cat. Cats, much like humans, crave emotional security. Extra cuddles provide a sense of safety and comfort, especially in a world that can sometimes be overwhelming or stressful. For cats that may have experienced trauma or insecurity in the past, these moments of closeness can help them feel secure and loved.

Despite their reputation for independence, cats are social creatures that form strong bonds with their human companions. Cuddling is a way of reinforcing these social bonds. It communicates to your cat that they are an integral part of your family. This bonding is essential for their emotional well-being and can lead to a more affectionate and sociable cat.

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Physical contact in the form of cuddling can significantly reduce anxiety and stress in cats. The gentle, rhythmic petting or stroking that often accompanies cuddling can soothe a nervous cat and help them relax. Cuddling can also have a direct impact on a cat’s physical health by stimulating circulation, improving digestion, and enhancing their overall well-being. The act of purring, which often occurs during cuddling, has been linked to healing and recovery in cats. It’s believed that the vibrations generated by purring can help heal injuries and reduce pain.

Plus, consistent cuddling sessions help in building trust with your cat. Trust is a fundamental aspect of your relationship with your cat, and it’s particularly important for cats who may be shy or hesitant to interact. Through regular cuddling, cats learn to associate their human companions with feelings of safety and comfort. By giving your cat extra cuddles, you are not only thanking them but also enhancing their emotional and physical well-being. It’s a simple yet profound way to deepen your bond and ensure your cat feels as cherished as they truly are.

#8 – Outdoor Play Enclosure

Does your kitty sit at the window and dream of outside, but you know it’s not safe? Get your kitty an outside play enclosure as a way of saying thanks for being the best kitty ever. You can opt for outdoor cat tents that are typically portable and easily set up or go for a more deluxe option and choose one of these 8 Best Catios for Cats.

#9 – New Litterbox

No one wants a dirty commode, especially not a cat who craves cleanliness to do their business. A brand new cat litter box is a great way to thank your kitty for always using it. Chose any of the 11 Best Cat Litter Boxes For The Purrfect Potty Experience to please your feline, but if you want to give your cat a super thank you, rock their potty world with the Litter-Robot 3 Connect.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect
  • Never scoop again with this automatic, self-cleaning cat litter box
  • Reduces odor and minimizes litter tracking 
  • Wi-Fi enabled for monitoring and maintaining via app
  • Must have if you travel frequently 
  • Made in the USA

#10 – Bird Feeder by the Window

Cats love to watch birds. Thank your cat for not scratching up the furniture by putting up a bird feeder or bath where your kitty can watch in the window. The homebird Window Bird Feeder is a great option that offers your cat the important metal stimulation that keeps them happy and fulfilled.

Homebird Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups
  • Acrylic birdfeeder with clear view
  • Bird-safe open design
  • Strong suction cups hold up to 15 lbs.
  • Removeable seed tray for easy filling and cleaning
  • Prebuilt for quick mounting

Please recognize if watching birds is making your kitty feel stressed because they can’t catch them. If this is the case, be sure to include extra play in your cat’s routine to help them burn out their birdy desires or move the feeder to a different location altogether. This about thanking your cat, not adding stress.

Your Cat Will Adore Your Gratitude

As we reach the end of our journey through these delightful ways to thank our cats, remember that the most important thing is the love and care you consistently show them. Each gesture, whether it’s a cozy cuddle session or an energetic playtime, is a way of acknowledging the special place your cat holds in your life. Our feline friends may not understand our words, but they certainly feel the warmth of our actions. So, take these ideas, add your personal touch, and create beautiful moments with your cat. After all, a happy cat means a happy home, and every purr of contentment from them is their own way of saying ‘thank you’ right back.

iHeartCats is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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