Little Girl Meets Kitten For The First Time And Her Response Will Absolutely Melt You

Kids and kittens can make a good pair! Maybe because cats have a personality like kids, and kids love to have something that they would care for. This video is something that you don’t want to miss!Meet Olivia and her little kitten Lily. This video is taken during the first time these two met each other. can absolutely see the instant bond they have! How this kid hugs this kitty is truly heart melting! Looks like she have found the love of her life with this kitty! They’re just so adorable and I bet these two is going to have a good life together! Click the video below and watch the precious bond between this little girl and her kitten!

It’s funny how the dog circle the child! Maybe he’s investigating the new member of the family! Please leave a comment below if this child touched your heart!

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