Easy To Make DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher

If you’re living with two or three cats, you know what’s their favorite pass time hobby aside from sleeping.- Scratching! Those unstoppable scratching leave us with damaged furniture and teared couches! Eventually, the whole living  area will be covered with cat scratch and nobody wants that to happen. Since we can’t stop our cats from scratching, giving them a place or a thing to do their scratching is the best solution. We are all familiar with cat poles but in this video, we will show you something different. Learn how to make a cardboard scratch board! This DIY card board scratcher doesn’t take a lot of space! How cool is that! Click the video below and watch how it’s made!

This is one clever DIY that’s easy to make! Pure genius! Please leave comment if you have your version of DIY cat scratcher to share!

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Written by Johnny Ferniz
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