10 Do’s And Don’ts For Cat Safe Holiday Decorating

| Published on November 28, 2014

As you get ready to trim your home for the holidays, keep kitty in mind! There are some great safe decorations out there, and some things you should stay away from to make sure your cat is not in danger this season.

#1 – Do Use Paper Ornaments

Layla Morgan Wilde, holistic cat behaviorist and official behaviorist for Tara The Hero Cat, recommends paper ornaments for your cat friendly tree. What’s great about these is you can make them yourself.

Image source: @rgleseking via Flickr


#2 – Do Use Fabric or Felt Ornaments

Another choice Wilde says, is Fabric ornaments. You can find a lot of these in stores, or make your own. Felt is a good choice for easy, “no-sew” decorations.

Image source: @pattihaskins via Flickr


#3 – Do Use Battery Operated lights

Battery operated lights and candles are far safer than electric or flame lit lights. A new product on Kickstarter will be a game changer for Holiday decorating – Wi-Fi Lights! Check ‘em out.

#4 – Do Use Wood Decorations

Natural wood is also safe for cats Wilde says. You can find a lot of wooden decorations including nutcrackers (watch for small parts), nativity scenes, and even trains.

#5 – Do Use Plastic Decorations

Wilde says plastic can be fine too, as long as it’s not so small your cat can swallow the parts. You have endless choices when it comes to plastic decorations, including shatterproof balls that are just as pretty as the glass ones.

Image source: @Liz via Flickr


#6 – Don’t Use Feathers

Although a common cat toy, Wilde recommends only using feathers for supervised play, as they can be a choking hazard. In addition, the artificial dyes used can cause digestive upset.

#7 – Don’t Put Cords Low

Electrical cords are obviously a hazard. Wilde recommends stringing lights beyond kitty’s reach and always turning off the lights at night or when leaving the home.

Image source: @joostRooljmans via Flickr


#8 – Don’t Use Real Poinsettias

These beautiful holiday traditions are poisonous. Opt for fake ones instead to keep kitty safe.

Image source: @HMatthewHowarth via Flickr


#9 – Don’t Leave Gingerbread Houses Out

While cute, all that sugar is definitely not good for your cat. Put it away when you are not there to watch, or choose for a fake one instead.

#10 – Don’t Use Tinsel

According to Wilde, this may be the most dangerous holiday decoration. Tinsel is a choking hazard and can cause intestinal obstructions requiring surgery. Use a pretty garland with no small parts instead.

Image source: @ElaineAshton via Flickr


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