“Cat Burglar” Becomes Internet Star After Stealing Kid’s Pajama Set

Ootsi is the beloved cat of Australia native Sophie McGeady. The well-loved tabby has a strange hobby of pilfering other people’s items to add to his stash. His nightly hauls have included swim goggles, cleaning products, pool toys, family photos, and one terrified Guinea pig.

Recently, Ootsi brought home an odd and potentially valuable prize – a full set of children’s Seed brand pajamas – prompting McGeady to take to Facebook in search of the PJs’ rightful owner.

She shared a photo of the $40 matching set to a local community Facebook group with the following message:

“We live in Dee why and our Cat brings in stuff all the time and tonight he brought in a set of kids clothes Seed brand. Knowing these are quite expensive if anyone is missing these please inbox me! Really sorry my cat’s really weird!”

Although no one claimed the pajamas, McGeady’s post was a big hit!

“How does your puss know to bring home the top and the bottoms?” one group member wrote. “Possibly a fashionista in a former life?”

Another cat lover shared a collage of photos featuring the items her own cat has collected including a Daisy Duck toy, a yarn-haired doll, a sponge, several toilet paper rolls, and a toy airplane!

Ootsi’s new-found fame prompted McGready to start a Facebook page entitled Ootsi and his Nightly Hauls devoted to her cat’s nocturnal thievery.

The young animal-lover is an avid horseback rider, dressage competitor, and doggy daycare employee. Last spring her family had professional photos taken and Sophie chose to pose with Ootsi, describing him as “like her child, but with fur and a tail.”

McGeady told Daily Mail Australia:

“He brings in stuffed toy animals and a few pool toys here and there. Ootsi brought home newspapers and once brought in a photo of someone. Mail, car cleaning products, sponges leaves and sticks, and to top it off pet guinea pigs that were still alive.”

But her favorite item that Ootsi ever brought home was a squeaky Finding Nemo toy that her family found hilarious. Be sure to follow Ootsi on Facebook to see what he’ll bring home next!


H/T to Daily Mail Australia

Featured Images vis Facebook/Ootsi and His Nightly Hauls

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