You’ll Be Mesmerized Watching This Chef Make Sushi For His Cats!

YouTubers Rachel and Jun are a married couple living in Japan with their cats Haku, Poki and Nagi. Their furkids live a pretty good life being loved on by their humans, receiving toys from their fans around the world, and getting to eat the delicious, cat-safe food Jun makes for them on his cooking channel, JunsKitchen.

Jun prepares mostly cuisine meant for people, but will also occasionally prepare healthy meals for his cats. He likes to celebrate their birthdays by taking the time to make nutritious, homemade meals fit for kings – human or feline! This week, for Nagi’s upcoming first birthday, Jun made a special treat for all three cats – sushi! This sushi was made special for felines, with a surprising substitution for the rice!

The video is only a few mesmerizing minutes long, but the whole process obviously took a lot longer. The time and effort Jun puts into his cats’ special meal is impressive. You can both see and feel that the sushi was made with love!

Jun’s cat sushi makes the meals I cook for my family look like kibble! The cats love watching Jun work, and can be seen in this and many of his other videos watching his hands and sampling his creations. If you love cats and food, be sure to check out Jun’s other videos and subscribe to his channel, JunsKitchen.

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