Cat Accidentally Rolls In Gold Glitter, Reveals His Sparkling Personality

A black cat named Salem loves rolling around in his human’s bathtub. This is how he accidentally turned himself into a glittering creature that could rival a sparkling disco ball.

Cat-mom Amanda Barron took a relaxing bath using a glitter-filled bath bomb. However, after the water was trained, a film of glitter still lined the bottom  of the bathtub (glitter is pesky that way). So when Salem got into the tub for a lovely roll on the porcelain…well, you can guess what happened next:

Now there’s a pretty kitty!

After Salem had trekked glitter all over the house, Barron was able to get him back in the tub to rinse him off. He wasn’t happy about it, though–maybe he liked his new look.

“He’s fine. He yeowled at me during his bath, and sulked around the apartment looking like his entire day was ruined,” said Barron in a story by Buzzfeed.

It’s alright, Salem. It looked fabulous while it lasted.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)

Written by Karen Tietjen
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