Brighten Your Day With 17 Of The Grumpiest Cats Social Media Has To Offer

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on September 11, 2021

No doubt about it, cats can be grumpy, little things. As cat lovers, we’re used to the ire that can flash across the feline mood in a heartbeat. How can we not be? Cats do tend to get annoyed quite easily and some of you probably have the healing cat scratch scabs to prove it! Ah, but we love our ornery cats and as the original Grumpy Cat proved, the rest of the world digs a moody feline too!

Her actual name may have been Tardar Sauce, but this special cat earned the Grumpy Cat title thanks to her permanent frown. She also had a knack for narrowing her eyes in such a way, her disgust for all things became plainly written. And that famous feline face we love so much launched a million memes that made everyone laugh. Though she’s gone too soon, Grumpy Cat’s legacy will live on in our hearts and social media feeds. As she frowns down upon us from her spot over the Rainbow Bridge, let’s honor the great grumpy one with a gallery of her angry feline brethren! #GrumpyCatForever

In Honor of All the Grumpy Cats, Here’s a Bunch of Sourpusses to Make You Smile

Purrfection in annoyance, meet the lovely Grumpy Barbara. She was once deemed unadoptable due to aggression, but her mom, Sarah, saw something special in this angry girl and now they’re best buds! Follow Grumpy Barbara on Instagram for all her irritated adorability.

“WITNESS THE FURY” that is Ikiru! But don’t worry, it’s totally cute fury!

Lemmy Floof Mister has beef! He says this is the look you give “when you present your floofy butt to the humans but when they touch it they get a big swipe.”

Bortolo, the boss of grumpy cats, is as handsome as he is irritable!

Looking like “a real rough street gangster,” Bean loves to terrorize insects, but otherwise, she’s a real sweetheart! Learn more about this little olive burglar and find out why Nobody Wanted This ‘Grumpy’ Cat.

Scowling daily from the Netherlands, Funky Fiona may look annoyed by your presence, but she’s really happy to share her day with you!

Grumpkin the Grumpy Pumpkin Cat will steal your heart with his adorable scowl. Found in a Russian monastery, he’s now happy, even though he doesn’t look it, at home with his girls Mischa and Klaus. Follow Grumpkin on Instagram and bask in his grumps! 

As Pongo proves, kittens know how to throw shade too…

Frances Bean the cat is “over it.”

Another grumpy tabby whose face tells the tale, Angry Kitzia is “a cat with feelings.” And while she those feelings look like angry ones, Kitzia is truly a friendly grumpy cat! Learn more about this angry cat in Angry Kitzia Cat Storms Internet With Adorable Scowl!

Moose the Persian wears his best gremlin cat look, while asking, “What?” Can’t you just feel the ire?

If you want a daily dose of grumps and cattitude, then Marley Katz is your man!

This is Wanda, and she’s a “Grinch cat.”

Sebastian the British Short Hair makes grumpy catting look fabulous! #thosepaws

Why is this kitty so annoyed? “Empty food bowl.”

“Bow down” before the lord of the grumps, Ziggy! This bearded kitty boy says, “I’m 16 pounds of pure sexy cat beast and like catnip.” Nice to meet ya, handsome! Be sure to follow @ziggysbeard on Instagram and don’t miss any of Ziggy or his beard’s sass…

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Feature Image: @moosethepersian/Instagram & @lemmyfloofmister/Instagram