8 Real Job Titles Held By Cats

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on August 30, 2016

Cats’ natural instincts to stalk and hunt make them excel at certain types of jobs. Those with calm, cuddly personalities make them perfect for others. That’s why, for some types of work, people have decided to employ cats to lend a helping paw! The arrangement is perfect: the cats work diligently doing what they do best, and the employers are able to compensate

1. Venkmon, Ray, Egon, & Gozer: Rodent Control At The Brewery

When Empirical Brewery in Chicago found that their grain was being nibbled by vermin, who did they call? Rodent busters! (Notice 3 of the kitties have names inspired by Ghostbusters!) These 4 feral cats get to roam the 8,000 square foot brewery, chasing prey to their heart’s content while enjoying guaranteed shelter and meals. Not a bad deal, right? Read more about it here.

2. Page, The Bookstore Guard Cat

She may be cranky, but the cat who dwells in a bookstore in Charlotte, NC is endearing, nonetheless. She was found as a stray, and as the kitty’s Facebook page explains, “I help guard Book Buyers and love receiving your adoration (from afar).” Patrons are warned that Page doesn’t have the best customer service skills by a sign posted on the door. Looks like she does a great job “guarding” at Book Buyers! Read more here.

3. Felix, Senior Pest Controller At Huddersfield Railway Station

After 5 years of working diligently at this UK train station, Felix earned herself a promotion! Along with the shiny new title of “Senior Pest Controller,” this mouse-catching marvel was equipped with a reflective neon vest and name tag. Always one to go above and beyond, the fluffy tuxedo kitty has also been known to greet travelers and fill in at the ticket counter. Job well done! Read more here.

4. Diesel, The One-Eyed Grocery Store Greeter

In New Zealand, a cat belonging to a local family just can’t keep away from the nearby grocery store! He loves nibbling on scraps and getting cuddles from customers. Diesel has  become such a part of the place, the store staff got him a bed and food bowl. Now, he’s got his own special “spot!” Somebody’s got some great customer service skills. Read more here.


5. Stubbs, The Mayor Of  Talkeetna, Alaska

It’s impressive enough that a tail-less tabby named Stubbs was elected to be the mayor of this small town. Even more amazing? She’s held the post for almost 20 years! This kitty’s most impressive achievement has been attracting tourists during her two decades in office, undoubtedly boosting the town’s economy. We’re sure that she’s looked up to by Duke, the dog mayor of Comorant, Minnesota!

6. Catsby, the CEO Kitty Of A Book Shop

Unlike Page, Catsby has grown to be quite friendly with the customers at the Davie, Florida shop! Staff at the Second Edition Book Shop have gladly promoted the purring feline through the ranks. He’s enjoying his Golden Years as a well- respected CEO/professional snuggler. Read more here.

7. Thula, The Therapy Cat

You’ve undoubtedly heard of therapy dogs, but cats make great therapy animals, too! While there are many out there, Thula is a perfect example of how beneficial a therapy cat can be. After being paired with Iris, a 6-year-old with autism, the little girl’s life completely changed. The kitty helps Iris to learn and relax in social situations, and will go anywhere with her human–even in the water! Their story is a true testament to the healing power of cats. Read more here.

8. “Rodent Management,” Provided By Shelter Cats

Washington-based humane society SpokAnimal came up with an amazing plan to solve two problems at once: they’d pair shelter cats, who needed homes, with farm and business owners, who needed rodent management! Thus, the Farm Livin’ program was born. Pretty cool, huh? Read more here.