Cat Rescued From Rubble 5 Days After Earthquake In Italy

It’s been nearly a week since a 6.2 – magnitude earthquake devastated central Italy, claiming nearly 300 resident lives. But despite the heartbreak, one survivor received a ray of sunshine when her beloved cat was found alive more than 5 days after tragedy struck.

Daniela lived in Amatrice, a small town that was nearly demolished by the disaster. Her home had crumbled, and after losing everything, she pleaded with firefighters to find her cat, Gioia, named for the Italian word for “joy.”

“Please find her, she’s all I have left,” she begged, according to Italy’s Reptv (translated by Mashable).

After some digging, the kitty miraculously emerged. She was dirty and dehydrated, but otherwise alive and undoubtedly ready to be reunited with her human!

Watch footage of the amazing rescue below:

What an incredible gift for Daniela and Gioia, despite all they’ve been through. Our hearts are with the earthquake victims and their familes, both two- and four-legged.

(h/t: Mashable)

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