5 Things You Didn’t Know About Maine Coons

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 12, 2015

Maine Coons are widely known for their fluffy fur and large physique, but there are some rather interesting little known facts about this breed that you may not have heard. Here are 5 interesting facts about Maine Coon cats:

16161281836_6fb8ccdd37_zSource: jensen2k via Flickr

1. A little water won’t hurt

This cat breed evolved surviving harsh New England winters with their fluffy, water-resistant coats to protect them. Nature isn’t always kind when it comes to animal survival and this breed made it through the test of time in the great outdoors with a glossy, full coat that protected them against the elements.


2. I’m big-boned thank you very much

Obviously, size is a factor for Maine Coons. But that actually goes towards all cats as this breed has been classified as the largest domesticated cat breed. Underneath all of that fur a Maine Coon can reach up to 40″ in length, with the average cat weighing in anywhere between 9-18 lbs, with males being heaviest. These cats have larger bones, barrel chests, with a rectangular body shape that tends to be more muscular as compared to most other breeds. Unlike most other domesticated cats, this breed doesn’t reach their maximum growth until 3-5 years of age!

2057625090_d1f6e74523_zSource: Barbara Müller-Walter via Flickr

3. Gentle giants

This mild-mannered breed is just as laid-back as they are big and cuddly. Maine Coons are also extremely loving and not shy about showing their affection towards humans. This breed also does well with other pets in the home, as they are easy to please and not confrontational or defensive by nature. And you might even laugh if you catch them clowning around with the family dog!

9332011157_5e895292f1_zSource: Austin White via Flickr

4. Wait, I’m a cat?

These beautiful creatures are so docile by nature, with warm personalities to match, they can even be thought of as the dogs of the feline world. Due to their calm and loving personalities a Maine Coon makes a great addition to a family that has children, even little ones. This gregarious cat breed doesn’t prefer retreating and enjoys being in the mix with the people of the home, and isn’t shy around children who are eager to pet them.

3468504005_d46629cdcc_zSource: Andreas-photography via Flickr

5. Made in the USA

Like the name, the Maine Coon is said to have originated in the New England area of the United States and is on record as being the only cat breed indigenous to the United States. This working class cat got its start as mouse hunters on the family farms, and this hardy cat breed withstood harsh winters full of snow and freezing rain with the help of their waterproof longhaired coats. Also known as the American Longhair, the actual origination of this cat breed is somewhat unclear. Some speculate that the breed developed when a Turkish Angora was crossed with a shorthair cat in America at the turn of the 18th century.

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