8 Ways To Know That Your Cat Feels Loved

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 12, 2015

We love our cats, but do they feel loved from us? Sometimes we may wonder that, although we predict that the feeling is mutual–or at least we hope! Each cat feels love in their own unique way, but there are some common ways that cats can show us that they feel loved. Does your kitty love you? I know mine does:

IMG_5039King Purp likes to be near Mommy while she works

1. Kitty likes to cuddle

If your cat likes to rest next to you, searching for you when you’re cozy on the couch, this is a good indication that they feel loved by you and like being near. I’m sure it makes your heart feel as warm and fuzzy as your cat’s fur rubbing next to you.

233556259_0622b3bcb0_zSource: Tjflex2 via Flickr

2. Your cat purrs loudly for you

Cats all purr to express a variety of emotions, but some do this much more frequently and louder than others. If your cat gets their kitty motor going when they are with you this goes to show they’re feeling the love.

5380803826_7e442914d9_zSource: Theen Moy via Flickr

3. Your cat wraps their tail around you

A cat uses their tail in a number of ways to express what they are feeling inside. A cat isn’t going to put their arm around you the way a human would to show affection, so if they wrap their tail around you then they want you to know that they feel loved. Isn’t that precious?


4. Want a lick?

Not all cats like to lick, but some may do this lovingly to show their love. Some cats like to pretend as if they are grooming their owners with their sandpaper tongues. If your cat takes a liking to grooming you then they think of you as family.

image1After an 8 day vacation, Mr. Purple was ready to curl up for a snooze next to his second favorite human, my oldest daughter.

5. Can I sleep with you?

When you’re sleeping, if your cat comes to find you to take a joint snooze this lets you know that they love nothing more than sharing in this personal ritual with you. Both you and your cat are incredibly vulnerable while fast asleep and this is a big deal for an animal that is naturally guarded. Hey, at least you’ll save money on expensive cat beds!


6. Meow!

Cats found their voice from the time they were tiny defenseless kittens, and as they grow older they use their voices to speak to you. Your cat may do this to let you know they are happy to see you when their meow is a friendly, chipper sound.

3589442101_548265af79_zSource: Jon Ross via Flickr

7. Now you see me, now you don’t

Blinking is a big deal to a cat that we humans may not even realize. Although cats may be human like in that it’s rude to stare, if your cat makes a habit of blinking at you then take this as a good sign. When you cat shows affection through blinking, this is also a way for them to show that they trust you. Which to them is earned, not given.


8. Will you scratch me please?

Some cats are more fond of this than others. While some aren’t crazy about being scratched by their owners, other cats aren’t shy about it whatsoever and will pester you into loving on them if they are in the mood for a good scratch. They feel loved by you and enjoy this form of bonding and like when you give them some much needed TLC.

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