Cats Who Think They Are Humans

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 12, 2015

Cats are mammals just like us, and sometimes they might even do things that seem a bit human. From cutesy to goofy these cats can mimic human behaviors rather well:

6112536446_29fa1e1e6a_zSource: monkeywing via Flickr

Manners on point!

15672047018_bfba871697_z-2Source: Mark Moschell via Flickr

Do I look good from this angle?

23219947_8c2cef7e59_zSource: PDXdj via Flickr

Seriously get out of my way, people!

9727546211_9404766995_zSource: Sheila Sund via Flickr

Ah, now this is comfy.

7656677152_99ea4feb27_zSource: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

If only I could get just a little closer then I could read what this says without my glasses.

3792673037_a3f02bb64f_zSource: Tina :0) via Flickr

Crunches for cats.

2320356657_02fde3ccf7_zSource: raider of gin via Flickr

This is a very good read I must say.

4038190073_72e273d5e5_zSource: Russell Heistuman via Flickr

Comfy, check. Remote, check.

 2247570770_b2767c4323_zSource: David Fiander via Flickr

So will sitting on the exercise equipment burn calories?

4582890790_ffdddcef4e_zSource: sha in LA via Flickr

Now this is my idea of relaxing.


If only this sliding door weren’t so heavy I would so be out of here.


Something about cuddling my baby just helps me sleep better. No laughing.

3893149588_3af6ddc451_zSource: Graham Richardson via Flickr

Say what, girl?!

3814198687_14b9274ede_zSource: Sonja Pauen via Flickr

Say something. I dare you.

2080853895_ac8e8dcf74_zSource: George Thomas via Flickr

Think humans are the only ones that can stick out their tongues?

7488815080_d91eee15c9_zSource: Zruda via Flickr

Cuddling at its finest.

2494869923_f61a9b0590_zSource: GreyHobbit via Flickr

If I stand like this there is no way you can’t find me irresistibly charming.

4488340767_8be9fb2783_zSource: Ladymaggic via Flickr

Stretching and relaxing. Top that.