5 Simple Ways to Add Vertical Space for Your Cat

| Published on August 10, 2015

Cats are natural climbers. In fact, your cat’s wildcat ancestors spent significant portions of their days lounged on the sturdy branches of trees. Perching gives cats two major advantages: it gives them a camouflaged place from which to stalk their prey and it keeps them from becoming prey themselves. You may think this doesn’t have much relevance to your domesticated cat, but even house cats have their wild prey instincts in tact.

Because of your cat’s innate hunting instincts, having ample vertical space is a crucial part of creating a truly satisfying and enriching home environment for your indoor cat. Luckily, there are many options.

1. Window perches
Window perches have a very small footprint. Your cat will love napping in sunbeams and watching all of the people, birds, or insects buzzing around outside.


Image Source: Sunny Seat via Amazon.com


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2. Cat trees
Cat trees are the most popular way to add vertical space to a home. They’re great because they come in an almost endless amount of varieties to fit every need and aesthetic, they can give your cat a choice of levels, they help keep the peace in a multi-cat home, and they can easily be moved to new locations in your home.


Image Source: BestPet via Amazon.com



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Image Source: The Refined Feline via Amazon.com


3. Wall-mounted shelves
Wall-mounted shelves are a practical way to add vertical space to a small home.


Image Source: The Refined Feline via Amazon.com 


Image Source: The Refined Feline via Amazon.com


Image Source: 7th Heaven via Amazon.com 

4. Door-mounted shelves
Door-mounted shelves are another great option for small spaces.


Image Source: SmartCat via Amazon.com


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Image Source: K&H Manufacturing via Amazon.com


5. Repurpose something in your home or build a shelf DIY-style
You don’t need to shell out big money to add vertical perches for your cat. Take a look around your home and I bet you can find some space to clear off. Think about bookshelves, cabinets, or the top of your refrigerator. Could you put one of them to better use? Get creative!

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