5 Healthy Treats Your Cat Will Love


Not all treats are created equal. Some treats are just treats– empty-calorie morsels that should be given to your cat sparingly. But some treats, like the ones here, are more. These treats are packed with extra vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients to boost your cat’s health in a way she’ll never suspect.


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#1 – Greenies Dental Treats offer complete nutrition while cleaning your cat’s teeth and freshening her breath.



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#2 – Pet Naturals of Vermont Hip & Joint for Cats are great for aging cats. The glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin can help relieve your cat of achey joints.



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#3 – Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control Treats add extra plant-based fiber to your cats diet to help control hairballs.



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#4 – Get Naked Urinary Health Treats help boost your cat’s urinary tract health with cranberries and olive leaf.



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#5 – Pet Naturals of Vermont Skin & Coat Support for Cats are treats rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to minimize dryness, stabilize shedding, and improve the luster of your cat’s skin and coat.

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Written by Andee Bingham
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