19 Photos: Sweet Cats Draw Smiles, Funny Cats Bring Laughter

Sometimes one smile can be all we need to brighten a dark day and cats definitely have the power to create smiles. In fact, felines can be the ultimate go-to for your happy fix. There’s just something about toe beans, whiskers, and purrs that just soothe a heart in turmoil.

And for as majestic as cats can be, sometimes they’re just downright silly and we can’t help but laugh at their goofy antics.

But kitties aren’t just regal and funny, their wild hearts can be full of love too. And when we see two kitties cuddling, such a sweet display fills our hearts with gladness.

So whatever blue feelings might find us, cats can help shine a happier light on life.


From cute kittens to silly cats, the internet is just the place to find cats and a smile. Scroll on for pictures of cats that will turn your frown upside down!

Here’s a pointy, pearly grin you can’t help but smile back at…


Who can’t be happy gazing at a cat smile so purrfect?


Excuse me, human, do I make you smile with my widdle paws?


Oh Henry! Naps make this cat lover smile too…


Smile on my face, check. Heart melted, check. Kittens are just darling and make everybody happy!


Winnie is a “berry special” kitty and she’s happy to bring you a smile…


Itty-bitty kittens fill the heart with squealy, squishy joy!


Cat Cuddles

Two smiley kitties happy to be cuddling!


Though Quinton has padded his way over the Rainbow Bridge, his memory lives on in hearts and photos from brighter days. Have a smile for Toby and Quinton, loving brothers.


Kitty kisses and cuddles are smile-worthy, fur sure…


Khloe and Tibb are two fluffy-tailed peas in a cuddly pod. All that floof is delightful!


Two Meezies in a basket mean double the smiles…


Tiny kittens equal big smiles…


Funny Cats

Smiling leads to laughter and cats can help with that! Check out these crazy cats for a good laugh.

Hey…you there, you got a smile for a ginger tab?


Here’s a cat playing in a puddle, just because it’s funny!


Does this hoodie make me look silly?


Maybe this cat isn’t smiling right now, but he’s sure waiting for a snack, which will, in turn, make him smile…


So, tell me, human, how can I make you laugh?


The feline enthusiasts of iHeartCats.com hope these sweet and silly cats have inspired a smile!

H/T: www.buzzfeed.com
Feature Image: u/waxyallstars/Reddit

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