14 Major Differences Between Life With Cats & Life With Dogs

Lots of people proudly declare themselves as being a “cat person” or “dog person” — or sometimes both — knowing that there are key differences between living with canine and feline friends. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but most pet parents will be able to relate to these hilarious nuances that make many of us partial to either cats or dogs. From personality traits, to lifestyle preferences here are 14 major differences between living with cats and living with dogs!

1. When visitors come, dogs rush to greet them…

Cats may inspect your guests – but only from a distance. 

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2. Trained dogs will obey humans to get a treat, or even just a pet on the head…

…while cats listen to no one.

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3. Dogs don’t do well when left to their own devices…

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…but cats enjoy their alone time.

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4. And when you do leave your dog home alone, there’s a whole routine: you put on relaxing music, give her a stuffie, and toss her a treat…

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When cat owners have to leave, they just…leave.

5. Some dogs go crazy if they don’t get their daily walk…

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…but let a cat nap, and he’ll be happy as can be.

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6. When dogs play, they like to run until their heart’s content…

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But give a cat a box, and she’ll be happy for hours! 

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7. Dogs will stay near you while you’re busy at work…

While cats prefer to be on your work. 

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8. Dogs love swimming and playing in the water…

…but cats? Not so much.

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9. Dog owners brave snow, sleet and rain to take their pups out to potty…

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…cat owners stay inside while their kitties use the litter box.

10. You can convince a dog to do almost anything with food…

…but cats tend to be a little more picky.

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11. Dogs love to snuggle with their humans…

And cats do too, as long as it’s on their terms!

12. Dogs are like your second shadow…

…while cats tend to take a more subtle approach.

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13. Dogs can be a clumsy and knock things over with their wagging tails…

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…but when cats knock things over, you know it’s intentional.

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14. When dogs do something naughty, they give you this face:

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And cats will just look at you like this:

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But no matter how different they can be, both dogs and cats have something in common:

They love being with their favorite people…

…and they bring us happiness every single day! 

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