This Boy Didn’t Choose His New Cat, She Chose Him Instead

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 6, 2024

When a young boy asked his parents for a cat, they were not prepared for what would unfold. Their sweet son, now old enough to help feed and care for a pet, had grown into a compassionate lad. His parents were proud of him and felt he deserved a new furry companion to call his own. After preparing their home for a new pet, the family headed over to the local shelter. There were many deserving animals, but one kitty in particular caught the boy’s eye.

When the boy approached the cat’s cage, the kitty stuck her paw out and handed it to him as if she were saying, “It’s nice to meet you.” With his parents’ permission, he reached out and picked her up. The Orange Tabby, with a precious heart of gold to match her fur, stretched her arms out, eager to be received by the boy.

The child, as gentle as they come, picked the cat up. She immediately hugged him, nestled into his neck, and brushed against his face. The boy was over the moon! While he couldn’t wait to choose the perfect cat for him, he wasn’t prepared for a cat to choose him back the way this feline did!

With a giant smile on his face, the boy’s parents knew instantly that this was the cat they ought to take home. The boy and his new buddy were a match made in heaven! In this case, the boy didn’t choose his new pet; she chose him instead! Play the video below to make your day brighter and get ready to ooo and awww!

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