Woman’s The First To Look At Kitten With Unusual Eyes And Funny-Shaped Head

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 6, 2024

Meet Zeke, a unique black and white kitten who was nearly euthanized because he’s different. Upon his arrival at the shelter, Zeke was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, characterized by an excessive buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and numerous skeletal issues that complicated his daily activities. Hydrocephalus can significantly impact an animal’s health. Unfortunately, his condition led many to overlook him, and he was sadly on the list for euthanasia. However, Zeke’s fate took a fortunate turn when a compassionate woman named Lisa intervened.

Lisa rescued Zeke from being euthanized just in time and chose to adopt him. Their journey together began with a challenging move, requiring Zeke to fly from Texas to New York City. Despite the hurdles, they were determined to start anew. Settling into his new environment, Zeke adapted quickly, sensing that he had found his forever home.

Lisa found joy in Zeke’s intelligence and playful nature, feeling fortunate that he had not been adopted by anyone else, as she now had the perfect pet. Zeke was not only blessed with a new human family but also found a sibling in Super Hero, another cat with hydrocephalus. The two cats shared an immediate connection, enhancing their adjustment to each other. Super Hero took on the role of big brother, looking out for Zeke and guiding him away from trouble.

With the support of his feline brother and devoted human, Zeke grew into a strong, healthy adult cat with charming eyes. Observing him now, it’s hard to imagine that he was once so disregarded. Most importantly, Zeke enjoys a loving home, surrounded by care and companionship, and lives the ideal life he has always deserved.

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