Woman Holds Hissing Feral Kitten Who Fought Her Every Step Of The Way

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 7, 2024

A tiny stray was discovered in an industrial zone. He initially had a deep fear of humans. However, his feelings changed after receiving a comforting cuddle from Kelsey McNight, a volunteer from Shuswap Paw’s Rescue Society. The kitten was one of two four-week-old siblings found at a mill site. The person who found them quickly went for help. They eventually ended up at a rescue organization, resulting in Kelsey’s involvement. Kelsey soon discovered that a mill worker had already adopted one cat, leaving her with a timid Ginger.

The little kitten was scared and hissed non-stop while swatting at anyone who came close. But Kelsey, who has experience with feral cats, scooped him up into her arms despite his reluctance. The kitten soon realized his resistance was futile in Kelsey’s secure embrace. “Once he was in my hands, he saw I was calm and unafraid, which helped him settle down,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey’s mission to get the kitten to trust her continued in her car. The kitten sat in her lap, not knowing what to think of this new person. Kelsey believed she was the first human ever to hold him. When their first cuddle session began, the kitten seemed to enjoy it, which surprised Kelsey at first. She named the sweet boy Oscar. The once scared cat’s demeanor changed quickly, especially after being fed and bathed. He settled into his new environment and Kelsey was confident that Oscar would make a wonderful pet.

Soon, Oscar’s personality blossomed. He showed less feel hesitation and began acting like a curious, playful kitten. Barb Goselin, president of Shuswap Paws Rescue Society, shared that Oscar became a playful and amusing kitty, often making people laugh as he played with toys and chased his own tail. security.

Oscar adapted to his foster home, going from a feral ‘scaredy cat’ to an indoor pet. This is just the beginning for Oscar and we can’t wait for the kitty to find his forever home. Thank you, Kelsey, for being a wonderful foster mom to Oscar and showing him what unconditional love is all about.

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