Yoga Instructor Somehow Keeps A Straight Face When A Cat Comes In To Steal The Show


Yoga is a great form of exercise and a great way to relax after a long, stressful day. Yoga can help you center yourself and become more balanced, physically and mentally. On it’s own yoga can be very difficult, but what happens when a kitty is thrown in to your yoga session? A very cute challenge, that’s what!

That’s what happened to this yogi at Yoga Oasis Hawaii. He was teaching how to maintain focus when a cute little tabby cat decided he wanted to get it on the action. As Indie the cat climbed all over the yogi he says, “Now you remember, you will always be tested in life. Even on the little things, you will always be tested. So the whole is to try to maintain a steady pose no matter what happens.”. I must say, this yogi sure has mastered the art of concentration and staying focused!

Can you imagine yourself in a yoga class with a cat climbing all over you? That’s a big test right there. Make sure to share with all of your cat loving yoga friends!

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