The Ultimate Facebook Revenge

Written by: Jacob Huff
| Published on October 28, 2015


Good day my cat friends! It is I, Arthur the cat, and I am here to lead the rebellion! My owner is currently napping, so I only have a short amount of time. But I need your help with one BIG problem for cats. It’s getting pretty serious and I hope you will join me in shutting it down!

I’m talking about our humans posting embarrassing photos of us on this thing called Facebook. My human, Mary, keeps taking pictures and posting them ON TEH INTERWEBS! Doesn’t she know those pictures will be up forever!?!?!?

Look at this:


I don’t want my humans showing everyone my scaredy cat face! This is too embarrassing.

Or look at this one:


I’m just trying to take a cat nap and she has to tell everyone on the interwebs about it?!?!?

But this one, is just too much.


I just did my business in there and she is going to call me Mr. Stinky? Mr. Stinky!?!?!? This is humiliating. Why do you have to tell everyone out there about my litter box problem?

But fear not my furry friends. I’ve figured out how this Facebook thing works and now it’s time for Arthur to turn the tables!

I was able to snap a picture of my human, and now plan to post her all over the interwebs. Since Mary just loves to post pictures of me trying to sleep, I figured I would post this one of her, right after I jumped on her head in the morning! What an adorable little human. But her morning breath….yuck!


To be fair though, Mary did finally wise up to why my litter box never smelled like roses. One night, instead of going into her room and knocking things over at 2am, I decided to get on the interwebs and order a box of ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ LightWeight Cat Litter – not only is it 100% dust free and 50% lighter than regular litters, but it also has 7-day odor control, GUARANTEED!

You can imagine the surprise on her face when it arrived. But Mary thought the lighter weight litter might help!

Once she put the new litter in my box all I ever heard was “My little Arthur smells sooooooooo goooooood.”

Now if only I could get her to stop posting those pictures of me online.

Shoot! I think my human is waking up. I’m going to have to wait to get these posted, but just wait my cat compadres. The cat rebellion begins! Start posting your humans’ embarrassing pictures too and we will finally put these two-legged animals in their place.

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