Woody The Kitten Receives Top Survivor Award After Horrific Attack

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 24, 2020

Last summer, Woody the cat was the victim of a gruesome attack. His family thought the tuxedo kitten wouldn’t survive. But Woody proved himself to be a warrior, overcoming the cruelty and pain inflicted by a monster.

It was a summer evening near Battle, East Sussex, the windows open to let a fresh breeze into the Wood home. But there was an air of worry in the UK household. Woody, the family’s 5-month-old kitten, hadn’t returned from a trip outside. He’d been gone several hours when he slipped back in through one of the windows.

Stephanie Wood saw Woody return and calmly have a seat on the couch. He was too quiet and still for her liking. She knew something wasn’t right.

Inspecting the black and white kitten, she found horror.

Woody’s tail was missing, but the injury wasn’t bleeding. As if it had been cauterized after being cut off. His front left paw had suffered severe damage. And a slash in his stomach ran so deep, his insides could be seen.

Stephanie and her sister rushed Woody to the vet, thinking it was good-bye.

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

But Woody would prove to be a warrior.

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

Long Road to Recovery

With injuries so severe, the outlook seemed grim. The tail amputation meant Woody might suffer from paralysis or incontinence. Plus, the wounds in his belly and on his paw would be susceptible to infection even after the three-hour surgery to clean and stitch the damage.

But the tough kitty cat made it through!

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

Sussex Coast Vets confirmed the injuries were made by a sharp blade and caused by human hands. Police investigated the case as an animal mutilation. Sadly, his attacker remains unknown and hasn’t been brought to justice.

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

On a GoFundMe page started to help with Woody’s healthcare costs, Stephanie wrote, “It was miraculous that Woody managed to escape and come home, and to even survive the trip to the vets; The vet didn’t think Woody would make it through the night, but the next morning, Woody was still alive, and refusing to die”.

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

The recovery would be long and painful and Woody would encounter problems with infection that meant more surgery and antibiotics as well as rounds of wound debridement, but through all the hardship he persevered. The healing hands of Sussex Coast Vets and his family stood by him all the way.

Woody was truly a furry miracle.

Save Woody the kitten./GoFundMe

Woody is a Prize Fighter

Stephanie said in spite of Woody’s injuries and recovery process, he’s the same sweet kitten he always was. Life is different for the kitten now though. He’s had to adjust to not having a tail and a missing toe on his front paw. His tummy will always bear the scars of tragedy, but his family’s love will help the nightmare fade.

“His determination and recovery was always deemed as remarkable by his phenomenal veterinary team, but his journey was a rollercoaster,” wrote Stephanie.

For his bravery in the face of death, Woody has been named PDSA’s Pet Survivor of the Year 2019.

Woody the Warrior/Facebook

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) is “the UK’s leading vet charity” and “a leading authority on all things concerning pet health and wellbeing”. Every year the charity awards the Pet Survivor Award to animals “treated for a life-threatening illness or injury by a vet in the UK”.

After a public vote, the PSDA awarded Woody the Warrior with the title. He was also gifted a handsome cash prize and a top of the line cat bed stuffed with goodies.

Woody the Warrior/Facebook

He certainly deserves the honor and much more! He’s a miracle kitten and we’re so happy he’s made it through. Congratulations Woody and family!


H/T: www.PDSA.org.uk
Feature Image: Woody the Warrior/Facebook

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