Why Does My Kitty Eat Like a Little Piggy?

| Published on October 1, 2019

You fill the bowl. She scarfs it down. She looks at you with those eyes, imploring you to give her more. You’ve tried small portions more frequently throughout the day and big portions one or two times a day. You’ve given in, ignored, and put a pillow over your head to drown out the incessant “meow, meow, MEOW” coming from the kitchen.

Why, you wonder, does your kitty eat like a little piggy? No matter how much or how often you feed her, she is always ready for more. Here’s the rub. There are several reasons that may explain your cat’s insatiable hunger. Pinpointing one may help you address an underlying issue that will improve your cat’s health and curb her appetite for good.

Your Cat Could Be Diabetic

It is estimated that between 1 in 50 and 1 in 500 cats have diabetes. Diabetes is most common in middle aged to older cats and those that are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, not all cat food is created equal and many formulas are filled with starchy carbs as fillers. Diets high in simple carbohydrates increase the risk of developing diabetes.

There are several symptoms associated with diabetes. If your cat exhibits any combination of these signs, take him to the vet.

  • Frequent urination
  • Drinks lots of water
  • Never seems to get full; always hungry 
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Overweight or obese
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Coat in poor condition

Feeding your cat a high-quality, well balanced diet that is high in protein and contains complex carbohydrates can help your cat avoid diabetes. “I and love and you” has a wide range of wet and dry foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. Nude Food, for example, contains 44.5% protein and no fillers or grain. (AAFCO minimum standards for protein are 30% for Growth and Reproduction foods and 26% for Adult Maintenance foods.) “I and love and you” formulas also have amylase to help break down starches.

Your Cat Might Be Bored

Cats use food as a means to self-soothe. When a cat gets bored, she turns to the food dish to fill her tummy and the space in her day. Cat Behavior Associates list the signs of cat boredom as:

  • Overeating
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sleeping more than normal
  • Destructive behavior
  • Over-grooming
  • Depression
  • Litter Box Issues

One way to address both the boredom and the overeating at the same time is to offer puzzle feeders when your cat is home alone or during mealtimes. Cats are natural hunters and puzzle feeders engage the part of their brain that enjoys ‘working’ for their food. Available in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty these games kick your cat’s boredom by exercising their minds and activating the hunter/prey response.

Give your cat a double dose of goodness by filling the puzzle with nutrient rich “I and love and you” Meal Enhancers. They are designed to help tummy trouble, improve coat quality, and boost your cat’s intake of good stuff. It’s the kitty equivalent of a wheat grass shot, except tastier and more fun.

Your Cat’s Food is Failing to Meet Nutritional Needs

The sad fact is that many of the foods offered to cat parents are just not cutting it when it comes to nutrition. They fill the belly, but they do not satisfy. These foods are lacking in nutrients and full of ingredients that your cat doesn’t need, just like the highly processed foods that humans eat. Even if you overindulged and ate way too many chips, crackers, chicken nuggets, or french fries, you’d feel hungry again soon. Highly processed foods will have the same effect on your cat. Your kitty will eat and be hungry again because the food failed to satisfy your cat’s real hunger for nutrients.

When choosing food for your cat, ingredient quality matters. Look for real food, like farm-sourced meat, veggies, and fruits. Also look for beneficial supplements such as pre- and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. “I and love and you” packs their cat kibble and wet foods with real food and vitality enhancing supplements. “I and love and you” also leaves out all the bad stuff. Make the switch and you’ll see an improvement in your cat’s energy, coat, and appetite.

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