Beagle Appoints Herself Surrogate Mom of Two Kittens

| Published on September 25, 2019

Forget everything you thought you knew about cats and dogs being mortal enemies. A young Beagle by the name of Daisy has set out to change your mind. The sweet girl was enjoying her laid back life at her home in England when her world changed.

Double the Fun, Double the Love

Daisy’s mom and dad decided to adopt a kitten. They headed out to a local farm where they had planned to adopt an orange tabby cat. Plans abruptly changed though when they got to the farm and noticed another baby who needed a home.

“…when we went to get him we could see this little black kitten at the back all on his own. My heart melted. We thought ‘sod it’ and decided to get him too,” Jane told People.

So naturally, the family welcomed two 9-week-old kittens into their home. They were cautiously optimistic about how Daisy would react to her tiny new brothers, Dexter and Fletcher.

Who could say no to those eyes?

Motherly Instincts Quickly Kicked In

Turns out Daisy couldn’t have possibly been more over the moon! She instantly bonded to the kitties, so much so that she even started producing milk! She comes to Dexter and Fletcher’s every beck and meow and joyfully fills their tummies.

Daisy can often be found curled up with her two little babies as they keep warm and snuggled up to their new mom. They purr and massage their mama and you can feel the love just from watching.

Daisy has even taken it upon herself to protect Dexter and Fletcher. 

Jane told Metro, “We told the kids and Daisy to be gentle with them as they’re so tiny but she’s just instantly taken to protecting them. If our other dog runs at them she’ll get them into the middle. They’ll sleep with her and she’ll sniff them over to make sure they’re OK..”

And yes, in case you were wondering, it’s perfectly safe for dogs to nurse cats and cats to nurse dogs. Isn’t biology awesome?

Daisy is Every Mom

Motherhood is exhausting but Daisy is out there killing that #momlife!


Even a quick bone break is hard to come by anymore without her kids getting into some mischief. Moms across the world can sympathize with Daisy. Proof that motherhood is the same across all walks of life!

h/t: People

Featured Photo: @JaneWhitton/Twitter