Why Your Cat Needs To Play

Almost all cats love to play. Kittens are bursting with energy, and though senior kitties may not have as much stamina, chances are, they still enjoy a game or two with you.

We know that cats like to play… but did you know that they need this type of activity to stay healthy?

According to Dr. Kathryn Primm, our go-to vet here at iHeartCats and owner of the Applebrook Animal Hospital, play is essential for a feline’s overall health. It’s mentally and physically simulating, and it even sharpens their survival skills.

“Opportunities for active play provide both a physical and mental outlet for felines,” she explains. “They can practice the physical skills they would need for survival in the wild, such as chasing and catching prey.”

Excelling at games that allow them to chase, pounce, and capture also helps build confidence in a cat. Dr. Primm adds, “Practicing these skills helps your cat feel secure in her ability to survive. Plus she is doing what comes naturally to her.”

And let’s not forget: the exercise is good for them! Regular activity helps maintain a healthy weight while reducing the risk of obesity, which can lead to a host of other diseases. What’s more, the one-on-one time spent with your companion will only strengthen your bond.

Next time your cat begins chasing reflections around the room or acting a little antsy, go ahead and indulge in a rousing play session (even if it means putting off your “To Do” list)! Playing with your cat should be part of your daily routine, just like filling her food bowl and cleaning the litter box – it all contributes to her overall health and happiness.

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