Last-Minute Gifts for Kitties

Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or just to spoil a special cat in your life, you may always want to keep a few gifts handy. That special cat doesn’t even have to be your own – never underestimate how big of an impact it can have on your friends and family when you think to give their cats a gift! Stumped on what to get? Never fear, iHeartCats is here to help you out! Here are 7 great last-minute … Read more

Top 5 Household Items That Double As Great Cat Toys

You don’t need to spend an entire paycheck at the pet store to keep your playful kitty entertained. Built with the athleticism of perfect predators, cats need physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Toys replace the prey they would be hunting out in the wild, but in the mind of a cat, a toy could be anything. Your feline can be tough and tenacious, but they’re also silly and imaginative. Sometimes, their favorite toys aren’t toys at all. … Read more

Why Your Cat Needs To Play

Almost all cats love to play. Kittens are bursting with energy, and though senior kitties may not have as much stamina, chances are, they still enjoy a game or two with you. We know that cats like to play… but did you know that they need this type of activity to stay healthy? According to Dr. Kathryn Primm, our go-to vet here at iHeartCats and owner of the Applebrook Animal Hospital, play is essential for a feline’s overall health. It’s mentally and … Read more

7 Essential Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Entertained

Exercise is crucial for your cat’s health and happiness. 25-40% of cats in the United States are overweight. Cats suffer many of the same health problems related to obesity that people do, so maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for extending your cat’s healthy years. Exercise is also critical for maintaining your cat’s happiness. Since most cats won’t walk nicely around the block with a leash on, the best way for them to get exercise indoors is to play with … Read more

5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored & How To Cure It

While kitties are usually pretty good at entertaining themselves, it doesn’t mean they don’t get bored. Although they love to nap, perch, and lounge, they also need their fair share of mental and physical stimulation. They’re often solitary creatures, but they still enjoy attention and interaction with you! If your cat starts acting unusual in any way, you should always consult your vet first. But if he gets a clean bill of health, consider whether he’s displaying one of these … Read more

5 Excellent Cat Toys That Provide Mental Stimulation

If you’re a cat lover, you know that mental stimulation is vital to your cat’s overall health. Bored cats can get destructive and even depressed, so it’s imperative to provide them with play time and toys that tap into their natural instincts. While most games are fun if they’re played with the human they love, there are certain toys that can really pique your kitty’s interest and excite her senses! Below are 5 excellent cat toys that provide mental stimulation, … Read more

Protect Your Kitty From Potential Dangers In Your Home With These Simple Steps

When you think of kitties at play, your mind probably conjures images of precocious felines batting around balls of yarn or stalking toy mice. Cats take their play time very seriously. Sometimes friskiness and curiosity get the better of them and an item of interest like string, a toy, or a bit of plastic may be accidentally swallowed. While cats are often able to pass swallowed objects through the digestive tract without any problem, sometimes they can become lodged in … Read more

7 Tips For Keeping Your Cat’s Toys Fresh And Exciting

Playtime is important for cats. Not only is it fun, but regular play will help keep your cat’s mind and body sharp– two thing that will help her lead a longer, happier, and healthier life. Getting a cat excited about toys isn’t always easy though. Cats can be finicky, especially when we don’t take the necessary steps to keep the toys stash interesting. Here are 7 tips for putting an end to toy boredom and waking your cat’s inner playful … Read more

Product Review: Check Out The New Jackson Galaxy Cat Toys!

This month, the new Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate is hitting Petsmart shelves. The “My Cat From Hell” star’s collection focuses on cats as the heroes in Cat Play with a wide variety of products offering fun and interaction between human and feline. The collection includes eight new products that are made with your cat’s natural instincts in mind. I received four of them for review. We know your kitty is dying to get her claws in them, the question … Read more

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Toys For Your Cat

It can be hard to choose toys that your cat will actually use. I’m sure most of us can relate to having a basket of toys that rarely get noticed. The bread tie is far more exciting. Still, we’ll continue to shell out money for toys with the hope that this one will finally be loved. Finding toys your cat will actually use and love doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. You just have to look at the … Read more