House Cat Hilariously Photobombs News Report On “Large Cat”

(Don’t worry – no kitties were put in harm’s way during the making of this film!)

This reporter was “photobombed” by a house cat while on the scene of a cougar sighting. In what turned out to be a perfect live TV moment, the reporter gestured behind him to where the big cat had been seen and pointed right at another not-so-big cat he didn’t seem to notice before!

The cat in the background was not the “large cat” the reporter was talking about, but that didn’t stop it from becoming the subject of the clip anyway! The camera stayed with the cat til the end and reporter Scott Madaus makes sure viewers know that’s not the cougar, saying, “That’s not it. That looks like a house cat.”

The cat sits there totally indifferent to the camera and the reporter – typical cat! The internet went crazy sharing the video after Scott Madaus posted it to his Facebook page!

According to Mashable, Madaus later admitted that the shot had been planned, but who could blame him? Give the people what they love, Scott Madaus – house cats!

H/T: Mashable

Featured Photo: Screenshot via Scott Madaus/Facebook

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