Who Would’ve Thought, Cats And Squirrels Can Be The Best Of Friends!


As a baby, the squirrel in this video was taken in and raised by a loving family when he was in need. Once this little guy was full grown, his family released him into the wild. What makes this story even better? This squirrel still comes back to visit the family that raised him, and play with his best fried… A CAT!!

Yes.. you read that correctly. A squirrel and a cat are best friends! The way these two play and wrestle will just melt your heart! The unlikely pair are really more like siblings in the way they interact with each other. Watch below as the squirrel jumps on the cat, rolls all over him and the cat just plays right back. I bet they even snuggle and cuddle with each other. What more could you need in a best friend?!

When you’re the best of friends… :)

Posted by Nuts on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What a cute pair of friends! Do you have unlikely animal friends in your house? Share your story with us!

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