Cat Gets More Than He Bargained For When It’s His Turn To Get In The Box

Ahhh…at last this cat finally gets to sit and lie down inside the box! He’s been waiting for it the whole morning and at last, it’s finally been vacated! Feels good to get into a box, every now and then, ya know! I’m not really sure if this white cat planned on staying for a time in the box but the grey cat is a smart alec and decided to play a trick on his friend!

As soon as white cat sat down on the box, he goes to the other side and flips the lid over. It’s a good thing white cat decided to humor him and laid down on the box. This funny grey cat though sits on the lid and refuses to budge no matter how many times white cat kept pushing at the cover. It wasn’t until the lion cat came over to check out what was happening that he got off the lid of the box!

Does that funny grey cat remind you of some of your friends? Yeah, we all have friends who are funny guys who get us into tight situations at times, but no harm, no foul! Share this and lemme know what you think of the vid. I thought it was hilarious!

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