What’s The Most Unique Thing Your Cat Does? We Asked You And Now We’re Sharing The Top 25!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 23, 2015

Recently we asked our iHeartCats Facebook followers a question about their feline friend. The question was: “What’s the most unique thing that your cat does?”

We were so pleased with the many responses, and especially the adorable photos! Each and every cat is unique and since we truly love cats, we are happy to share the top 25 responses with you. Wonder if yours made our list? Then take a look and see!

Thank you again to everyone that left a comment and shared with us, we love hearing from you!

25. Robert Harvey: Don’t know if it’s unique but I have 2 cats and 2 cat boxes, they both poop in one and both pee in the other, lol.

11695014_10204419759923236_3068728008271951102_nvia Facebook

24. Susan Hewett: Has to have fresh running water!

23. Donna Smith: My rescue cat Spider (he was thrown from a car) likes to wake me up on the morning by putting a paw on each of my cheeks and tries to lick my eyes open.

11214141_1019274348085432_2170883317494651389_nvia Facebook

22. Nancy Mitchell: My Duncan lays with his legs out behind him (weirdo)

11709879_10153427071015782_1559410009275986070_ovia Facebook

21. Julie Cole: Should I tell her its a humidifier and not a fish tank?

11665505_10153448853837012_8709916095875720371_nvia Facebook

20. Natasha Desireé: My cat, Mia likes to be held and rocked in your arms like a baby. If you pick her up, she will lean back so she can be laying down and cradled. This is my fiancé holding her.

19. Jan Price: I have a Maine Coon who eats all his food with his paws! Even dry food!

18. Ellen Turner: Tammy likes to come to the door and meows a hello to everyone who comes in. Then she runs and hides if they try to pet her.

11695982_10207490544049588_9180439339249083900_nvia Facebook

17. Mary Schofield: My cat Bridie likes to check FaceBook most days!

16. Christine Hunter: My cat loves to steal straws from our drinks.

11215090_808107902618095_3301886818408008517_nvia Facebook

15. Julia Ogden: At night when I’m in bed, Yoda will call to me from downstairs. If I meow back at her, she’ll come up and see me. If not, she stays downstairs.

11014831_10207802942017939_3935851119026462660_nvia Facebook

14. Bonnie Ginn: Just after I am out of the shower, my cat feels its time for some affection. She will jump into my arms and just lay there and purrrrrrr. She is adamant about it too. THAT is her cuddle time, I keep an extra towel in the bathroom just for that purpose. My Pookie is my little sweetheart.

13. Michele Stalnaker-Shelton: My cat likes to jump in the shower…. She will paw at the curtain and meow till you open it and let her jump in….

12. Jeff Powell: When I sit in my chair, my Alexis will sit and stare at me until I wink at her, then she winks, then I wink…this can go on for 5 minutes or so...

11. Lynn Howell: I have a 30 lb maine coon who gets on my pillow every night and plays with my hair till I fall asleep!

10. Diana Sena: My Felix loves to flush the toilet…

9. Karen Ginder: Tux is gone so I don’t have a picture of this behavior, but at night in bed he had to have his right paw in my hand and his left paw on my husbands shoulder. We went to sleep this way every night. I miss that.

10424304_10153171834942663_3130196113403410422_nvia Facebook

8. Terry Perrin: I see that lots of kitties eat their food with their paws. I, however, have a kitty who will actually take 1 piece out of the bowl and play with it. Bat it around on the floor back and forth all over the kitchen before she eats it. Then once she eats it she will get another and start the process all over again. 

7. Angela McMillian: I have one cat that plays fetch and actually brings it back and I have another cat that always waits until I am in the middle of cleaning the litter box to jump in and use it.


11707602_740658032746615_1031129395321725200_nvia Facebook

6. Ronda Evansco-Brooks: I taught my Jasmine how to jump from the floor to my shoulder. She does that without scratching me. I’m only 5 feet tall.

5. Tricia Baluka: My cat Missy sleeps in my bed with me, but the thing is sometimes she throws up hairballs. So I laid a small waste can on the floor sideways and now every time she has to vomit she does it in the trashcan. She is a very small cat she just puts her little head in part of the way and dose what she needs to do and hops back into bed.

4. Alisha Williams: My cat Rocky won’t eat unless I put out a dog sized bowl so he can crawl into it to eat. He also lays down and plays dead if you try to make him leave a room before he’s ready.

11698631_724986724313808_6899633859675949403_nvia Facebook

3. Lynette Davis: This is our one-eyed baby Pollywog. She always sits on the recliner rocker with one paw out.

2Sharon Donovan: My cat brings me my bedroom slippers from downstairs to up on my bed!

1. Janet Kidd: My cat steals golf balls off the golf course – even if they’re in play!