Ever Wonder What Your Cat Does While You’re Not At Home? Here Are Some Hilarious Ideas!


While we are away from home, whether it’s for a lengthy period of time or just a brief outing, our cats are left behind to hold down the fort. We miss them whenever we are away, hoping that they miss us too just the same. Our hearts want us to think that the feeling is mutual, but what if in reality our cats secretly lived a double life? Like when we’re gone they are plotting, having parties, or even snooping through our things? That would be funny, right? But who knows, it may be true!

It’s not like we actually have the ability to see what they are doing, so in the meantime we can allow our imaginations to run wild with the help of these entertaining illustrations. We’ve shared with you the “10 Benefits of Having a Cat” in a previous post, but now the artist, Lingvistov, has been kind enough to share “Home Alone Cat” with us all. Which one do you think your double life leading kitty could be responsible for??

(All images are courtesy of Lingvistov; please visit if you’d like to learn more about the artist.)













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