5 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

| Published on July 22, 2015

Did you ever get the feeling that your cat secretly hates you?

I’m pretty sure we cat owners have experienced those strange moments when our cats stare at us as if they’re holding a grudge against us. And then they look at us as if they’re plotting to kill us.

This video by The Dodo shows us the five ways to tell if your cat hates you. If your cat denies you from showing them affection, or if your cat watches you as if he/she is judging or criticizing you, then your cat probably hates you. Watch the hilarious video below!

LOL! So do you think your cat hates you?

Well even if they dislike us, we can’t help but love them.

But I’m sure our cats love us…they just have strange ways of showing it!