After 5 Years Of Being Stuck Behind A Metro Station Wall, This Cat Is Finally Free

For a cat, not all live a pampered life like the lucky ones do. In Cairo, Egypt, there is one man who cared for a cat that was desperately in need of love. A shop owner just outside of the Mohamed Naguib Metro Station, Uncle Abdo noticed one day a stray cat that was living in the train station. But when we say living inside, we actually mean it. This poor cat was suspected to have become trapped behind the walls when he slipped through the cracks as a tiny kitten. Abdo provided the cat food and water on a daily basis, not wanting the cat to starve. Since the trapped cat was located on public property, if Abdo were to attempt to destruct the wall to save him he would have faced heavy jail time. In the eyes of Egyptian law, demolition of the wall to free the animal would be ruled as sabotage of public property.

It wasn’t until a social media campaign was started on the “help and rescue homeless animals” Facebook page that action was taken, and several rights activists filed a police report. This black and white cat, which the man named Biso, was trapped for 5 years before animal activists were able to band together to free him:

Unfortunately, as soon as Biso was freed, he ran far away and no one has seen him since. But for little Biso, life on the outside will be a much better circumstance for him. We are thankful for kind people like Uncle Abdo who cared for this cat the best he could.

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Written by Modi Ramos
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