What Your Cat Slowly Blinking Says About You

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on February 11, 2015

Cats are naturally guarded creatures, but if they let down their fuzzy wall and let you in, they can be rather affectionate. If you own a happy cat who trusts you, then you’ve probably seen what is called a “kitty kiss”. It’s that narrowing of the eyes when they look at you, slowly blinking in your direction. So what is the kitty kiss all about anyway? Let’s take a closer examination at this look of love:

Image Source: Alan C. via Flickr

1. You Are Trustworthy

If your cat makes a habit of giving you the slow blink, this is an obvious good sign. Cats don’t divvy out their trust to just anyone, so if they are giving you the slow blink then they are doing this to show you that you’ve made it to their inner circle… and that’s a terrific position to be in. Some rescue cats who sadly may have experienced a hard life before you came into the picture may take longer to warm up, but if you continually treat them with love and kindness the kitty kisses should start pouring in. Fun fact: even kittens are tiny masters of the kitty kiss!

Image Source: Eric Shea via Flickr

2. You Are A Member Of The Group

Got more than just one cat in your home? You may notice your dominant cat showing off his/her kisses when the other cats are around. Your dominant cat is doing this as a signal to the others that all is good, and letting them know there is no need to worry about this human- They are part of our group.  Cats express their emotions in many ways with their body language, and other than rubbing their heads against you, this sign is purely powerful in terms of their affection towards something they like with a strong passion.


3. You Have A Very Happy Cat

You will only find this behavior in cats who are really happy. Your cat is making it clear they are comfortable, happy and feel safe in your care. Would you like to let them know you feel the same way? Do it back. 🙂

Although you may feel silly at first, try getting on your cat’s level and give them a slow blink in return. Chances are that they will be tickled over the gesture and steadily this can become a bonding experience for you and your precious feline companion. Is there really any more of an endearing way to say, “I love you” than “eye love you” (ok we thought it was funny :)) You should feel pretty special when they chose to give their cat kisses to you.

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