Why Does My Cat Trill?

Cat Communication Cats can communicate verbally in many ways. They can meow, purr, chatter or trill.  Cats have vocalizations that seem to have been tailored for use specifically for interaction with humans and not typically with other cats.  For example when scientist monitor interactions between adult feral cats, many of the sounds and vocalizations that are a part of our daily routine our cats never use. Unsocialized adult cats, living wild, might hiss or growl at one another, but seldom … Read more

5 Ways Your Cats Are Telling You They’re Unhappy

Our cats live with us and make us smile. We want to do the best we can for them, but since they don’t exactly speak the same language we do, sometimes it is hard to tell if they are truly happy. Here are some tips to help you “speak cat” and check the mental health of a cat in your life. 1. Cats that do nothing but lie around. Seems normal, right? Well, not exactly. Cats in a home can be … Read more

Can Cats Give “Love Bites”?

As all cat parents know, our feline friends sometimes use their mouths to communicate with us – and not by talking! We’re referring to cat bites, which can range from a gentle nibble to a skin-breaking chomp. You may know your cat so well, you understand the reasons behind most of their mouthy behavior (check out 5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Biting for a little more insight). But we want to delve a little deeper into that soft, toothy … Read more

Why Are Kittens Sometimes Friendlier Than Adult Cats?

Kittens are irresistible for more reasons than one. Not only are they covered in fuzz with big eyes and precious pink paws, they’re also little bundles of curious energy, eagerly exploring the world around them. While many cats grow up to be calmed-down, affectionate versions of their kitten selves, others can become skittish of strangers, and some are downright grumpy. So, what changes: why are kittens sometimes friendlier than cats? To a kitten, the world is a new, adventurous place. … Read more

5 Common Cat Behaviors And What They Actually Mean

Cats are unique creatures, and that’s why we love them! This also means that they exhibit some feline-specific behaviors, so it’s important for us to understand what they’re “telling” us in order to give them the best life possible. We here at iHeartCats got in touch with Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, to answer some questions for us. Also known as “The Caring Vet,” he offers traditional, holistic, integrative medical, surgical, and wellness care to his patients. He’s also the author of The … Read more

5 Things Every Cat Owner Should Have

We pet parents want the best for our cats, and we always try to be prepared. From nutritious food, to safe toys, to daily play sessions and beyond, it’s important to us to make sure that our felines are as happy and healthy as can be. But have you ever wondered whether something was missing in your home or in your kitty’s routine that may improve their well-being? We spoke with Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, to find out the top 5 … Read more

12 Symptoms Cat Owners Should Never Ignore

Cats are notorious for hiding their illness or pain. Instinctually, it serves them in the wild to appear less vulnerable to predators. But as members of our families, this behavior can allow conditions to worsen when we can’t figure out what’s wrong. We know our companions better than anyone, so if something seems amiss, trust your instincts and give your vet a call. Below, you’ll find 12 symptoms that cat owners should never ignore. If your kitty starts exhibiting any … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Is My Cat So Reactive When Something Startles Him?

Every cat lover has had it happen. You reach out to touch your cat and seem to startle her and she really jumps. She might even run away. We even have jokes about how jumpy cats can be because they don’t just react a little bit – they seem to react violently. Ever wonder why cats are so reactive? We know that cats can smell, hear, and see better than we can, and this must mean that something unsettling is actually more … Read more

Ask A Vet: What Should I Do If My Cat Is Aggressive Toward A Particular Person?

One of the questions asked by a reader concerned a cat that becomes aggressive to a particular person (in this case, the cat belongs to one woman and attacks her mother). I cannot say for sure what exactly is going on with this individual cat, but I can give some general advice about managing aggression in cats. Aggression toward a human is a very serious issue. This type of aggression is called human directed aggression and it is characterized by … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Seem Drawn to “Non-Cat People”?

Everyone has that one friend. You know, the one that hates cats or is allergic to them? Cat lovers usually don’t have many friends like that. We feline aficionados usually choose friends who understand us and share our opinions. But there may have been an occasion when someone who was indifferent to cats needed to be in your home. What did your cat do? Sometimes when “non-cat people” enter the scene, it almost seems like cats are drawn to them. Cats … Read more