Can My Cat Get Separation Anxiety?

Many people hold an incorrect assumption that cats are solitary animals that do not need a lot of attention. Although they may be more independent than dogs, cats are actually very social and affectionate with their human companions and even other pets in the house. Unfortunately, the thought that cats don’t require much time and care leaves many owners struggling to understand strange behaviors from their feline friends. We’ve almost all heard of dogs having separation anxiety and how severe … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Sleep All Day?

Everyone knows that cats like to sleep. Let’s face it, it’s not called a “cat nap” for nothing! Many times when I look for my cat, he is dozing.  He loves sunbeams and chairs especially. Chairs in sunbeams are an addiction to him. People believe that cats sleep during the day because we are gone, and I suppose my cat is more likely to be bored when I am not there to entertain him – but that is not the … Read more

Make Your Cat Happier & Healthier With This Simple Switch In His Mealtime Routine

Most cat moms and dads would do anything to make their feline family members happier. And if there is a cheap, easy way to do this? There’s no question about it! The good news is, you can help your kitty live a happier, healthier life simply by changing her mealtime habits. All you have to do is challenge your cat to work for her food. A photo posted by Sir Isaac Newton (@sir.newton.kitty) on Oct 10, 2016 at 9:41am PDT In … Read more

9 Items To Make Your New Cat Feel At Home

Cats are sensitive souls, so moving to a new house is very stressful. Whether you are adopting a new kitten or an adult cat, she is going to be unsure about the whole thing for a while. Starting out on the right foot from day one, however, can vastly reduce the length of time and the amount of stress it takes your new kitty to start feeling at home. In honor of the American Humane Association’s Adopt A Cat Month … Read more

7 Ways Cats Use Their Senses Of Smell

Your cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than your own. Pretty amazing, right? What’s even more amazing is all of the ways your cat uses that gift and all of the information she’s able to glean because of it. Here are 7 amazing ways your cat puts her nose to work. #1 – Define territory Cats spray and use their glands to mark their territory. A cat who smells these clues later can learn all sorts of information, … Read more

Are You (Accidentally) Encouraging Your Cat’s Bad Behavior?

Even the most angelically perfect cats can sometimes do things that drive us crazy, whether it’s scratching the side of the couch, jumping onto the kitchen counter while we’re preparing dinner, or yowling two hours before we have to wake up for work. When we feel a desperate need to get a behavior to stop, we may resort to tactics like picking the cat up from the counter, using a spray bottle to reprimand, or doling out the cat’s breakfast … Read more

7 Reasons Your Cat May Be A Picky Eater

Cats are finicky about everything. It’s what they’re famous for. If your cat is finicky about a basic necessity like food, it can be frustrating, expensive, and worrisome. Luckily, most of the reasons cats tend to avoid their meals are easily fixable. It’ll just may take a bit of investigating to get to the bottom of what you’ll need to tweak. Here are 7 of the most common reasons cats turn their noses up at food. Image: Tom Thai : Flickr … Read more

5 Factors That Determine Your Cat’s Personality

You are, no doubt, well-versed in your cat’s individual personality. In fact, you probably know your cat better than anyone else in the world. Both of my cats live the lives of queens; they’re showered every day in pets, cuddles, treats, playtime, and love. Still, one of them is outgoing and generous in her affection while the other is skittish and cautious with her affection. I’ve often wondered what factors helped determine their personalities long before I met them. It … Read more

5 Ways To Help Your Cats Bond With Each Other

Living with multiple cats isn’t always easy. Your cats’ wildcat ancestors were mostly solitary creatures who put a lot of time and energy into defending their territories. Even though your domestic cats live indoors where it’s cozy and safe, they still maintain those wildcat territorial instincts. Of course, wanting your cats to love each other and bond isn’t a lost cause; we’ve all seen heart-melting photos and videos of cats cuddling. Whether your cats will ever get to that point will … Read more

5 Ear Signals Every Cat Owner Should Know

Your cat has 32 muscles in each of her ears. That’s more than five times the amount of muscles you have in your own! All of those muscles give your cat’s ears an amazing range of motion, including the ability to swivel up to 180 degrees. That incredible range of motion is part of the reason you cat has such a strong sense of hearing. In addition to helping her hear the slightest shuffle from prey or a potential predator, … Read more