The 8 Best Dog Breeds For Cats

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on February 11, 2015

Although many might think that most cats and dogs don’t get along, there are some dog breeds that do rather well with the feline kind. While each dog is different and some can surprise us with their unlikely cat bonds, these 8 breeds are known to do especially well with cats:


1. Maltese

Known for being one of the smallest of the toy breeds, the Maltese is a timid, relaxed breed that prefers nothing more than hanging in close proximity to their beloved owner. If you already have a Maltese in your home, adding a cat shouldn’t present an issue as even the biggest Maltese wouldn’t be much for cat who naturally isn’t afraid to stick up for themselves. This dog breed is not very confrontational or feisty, so blending a cat into the family mix shouldn’t prove to be an issue.

 417132667_ec4b97e741_zSource: Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

2. Bichon Frise

Bichons are very happy smaller dogs that love to be around members of the family–human and animal alike. This breed seeks excitement and will do well keeping your cat busy while you are away from the home. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and shed very little, with beautifully soft coats that feel like fluffy cotton balls.

3641474357_df2913a59d_zSource: Dee West (Formerly deedo via Flickr

3. Beagle

The beagle is a very social, happy breed that does well with humans and other animals just fine. Although they can be a little bit hyper and may like to chase, the beagle is known to be a cuddly canine and don’t be surprised if you find one cozying up to a cat when it comes nap time. These silly guys aren’t afraid to goof around with a cat either, and might even let them win in a friendly wrestling match.

3728107894_76f4154eff_zSource: Brian Gaid via Flickr

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These precious dogs are somewhat reserved and do well with cats because they are very respectful of their space. Cavaliers are well-mannered little dogs that strongly prefer being in the presence of others–whether that be the human kind or the pet kind. If left alone for too long they can become very sad, and having a cat friend around to keep them company wouldn’t bother them one bit.

6973033404_b5f68b46a5_zSource: Xiangrui HUANG via Flickr

5. Cocker Spaniel

This adorable medium-sized breed gets along well with other pets, including cats, due to its passive and sweet personality. The cocker spaniel is known for being a people pleasure, and enjoys interacting with people and animals on a frequent basis. When they are not playing, they are perfectly happy to cuddle with their owners or other pet family members.

4024419186_9b268fe5cf_zSource: Karen via Flickr

6. Poodle (All Breed Sizes)

This popular breed comes in all sizes–ranging from the toy, miniature, to standard. The poodle requires regular grooming for their curly hypoallergenic fur, but besides this they are incredibly intelligent and respond very well to training. Poodles do well with children and other animals in the home–especially cats!

4720193549_de693802ed_zSource: El Coleccionista de Instant via Flickr

7. Boxer

Although this breed is larger in size and known for being active, if trained properly from an early age they can be some of the sweetest and gentlest of the larger dogs. Boxers make for excellent family pets, and I’ve you’ve got a cat in your family, your boxer will think none other than to consider the kitty a family member, too. Due to this breeds size and activity level, it’s best to have a mature cat in their presence so a kitten weren’t to feel too intimidated when the playful boxer is just trying to have fun. After all, this breed is known for using its paws frequently in play, given its name–boxer.

7077827653_b013063afc_zSource: Dan Finnen via Flickr

8. Golden Retriever

This breed is known for being super friendly and does very well in a home with kids and other pets. A golden retriever is a pretty laid-back breed that won’t make your cat feel too pressured, respecting their space while treating them with kindness. Goldens are known for being some of the easiest dogs to train, and rather nurturing for those they care about–including cats. So sweet!

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