Want To Know How You Should Be Petting Your Cat? Well, Now Scientists Explain!


When it comes to our cats, and especially those silky, shiny coats, we just want to pet them like crazy! But where to start? The top of their head? Or maybe along their spine? Even maybe behind the ears? Or, does your cat not seem to sit still while you’re petting them? Well, scientists can now explain where you should be petting your cat, because this is proven to be what they like the most. Take a look:

Cats Like Familiarity:

Do you ever notice that your cat is more inclined to allow you to pet them, rather than strangers? It’s been proven that cats are more tolerant of petting when it comes from those that they are most familiar with.

Leave That Tail Alone, Please:

A cat’s tail has been discovered as being an erogenous zone on their body, so petting near their tail may cause overstimulation. It’s best to just go ahead and leave this area alone; they will thank you for it.

Oh, That’s the Spot!

According to research findings, the best area to pet your cat is either in between the eyes or on top of their head. Because they are known as “pets” they can naturally tolerate petting on their body. Why not make both parties happy by petting them where they like the most!

Where to Start:

Apparently, cats don’t have an actual preference. Now that’s a shock! Cats have scent glands around their nose, chin, and cheeks, and these are actually their favorite places to be pet. Start there, hint, hint!

Belly Rubs?

Coincidentally, researchers did not test this area for fear of making kitties mad! We all know that cats are naturally guarded animals, and rubbing them on their bellies is something that not many cats are too fond of. If your cat likes this, then feel very special!

Is Your Normally Aloof Cat Suddenly Seeking Affection:

It’s been discovered that cats who are generally non affectionate will seek out petting attention from their humans at times when they are stressed. Don’t ignore this telltale sign from a regularly aloof cat, something may be troubling them!

A fun little image to keep in mind:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.47.17 PMvia The Washington Post

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Written by Modi Ramos
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