Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge Proves Even The Worst Picture Of A Cat Is Still Pretty Great

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on October 13, 2020

We think cats are pretty much adorable no matter what they’re doing. Even when the camera snaps them at a most unflattering moment, cat lovers still think those crazy snaps are the cutest thing ever!

A recent Twitter challenge is celebrating those bad cat pics with the #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallege. The posts are just as hilarious as you’d expect them to be!

Get ready to laugh at these stunningly unflattering photos of cats…

Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge

oops! you caught me!


I’ve been prepping for this moment my entire life.


She’s not a cute eater…


“No caption” needed for this clowder of the unflattered…


My Willie’s submission for her #unflatteringcatphotochallenge.


Meowsers’ Tinder profile picture…


Ok this #unflatteringcatphotochallenge is absolutely hysterical, but I have yet to see anything that holds a candle to the fact that my cat basically evolves into a snake when he yawns…


I mean, I’d love to join the #unflatteringcatphotochallenge but there’s never been a picture of me where I’m not dignified and handsome.

Royal Society for the Petting of Good Boys/Twitter

It’s #unflatteringcatphotochallenge day and my human had the NERVE to post this picture. It looks like I’m so chonky that I can’t get up!!!! Oh, he’s gonna pay for this.


There’s no such thing as an unflattering cat pic!!! And, Frankie wins…


Sometimes even the cool cat lacks the moves.


Mr Snow has many to contribute to the #unflatteringcatphotochallenge


Freyja desperately trying to get a moth flying above!


Both Instagram and Facebook users have gotten in on the unflattering fun too!

Still one of my favourite pictures of FurrElise. Usually she’s very photogenic. Not this time. One day we will print it out and frame it.


Sometimes you have to be one with the fud…

Young Williams Animal Center/Facebook

Badrock wins this whole challenge hands down lmao

Apollo Scott/Facebook

“Whipped cream feels” = unflattering cat photo that’s still too cute! 


My baby Gizmo giving me material every second of every day. He is truly grëmlin.

Courtney Diggins/Facebook

Mommy says that I’m a very cute girl no matter what!


While normally a cutie pie, Alfie can snore up a storm.


Little bit, doing a sits.

Allison Proctor/Facebook

These cats may be caught in unflattering angles, but we know the truth of their cuteness. Even at their silliest, cats are adorable!


H/T: www.popsugar.com
Feature Image: @IntegresS_250/Twitter & @HollidaysStache/Twitter