“Udderly Adorable” Cow Kitten Mooving Toward A Forever Home

What’s black and white and fuzzy all over?

It’s Bo, short for Bovine, and he’s the cutest little cow kitten at Kelly Foster Kittens.

He’s a teeny tiny boy, but he’s got a big voice and has so much to say. Foster mom Sarah Kelly shared, “He loves to MOO… I mean, MEOW!”

And one of Bo’s best snuggle buds might as well be his twinsie because it’s the cutest little cow too!


Have You Herd About this Cow Kitten?

All comfy and cozy at Kelly Foster Kittens, Bo and his cow buddy love to get warm in the incubator since he’s still so young. But sometimes Bo likes to stay up late, playing and chatting with his friend. Sarah has to tell the little boy, “Bo, it’s pasture bedtime!”


Moove along to bed, little one”!

And Bo just gained a stuffed piglet friend to hang out with him and his cow. Sarah joked, “Bo has some UDDERly adorable incubator friends – they’re all super instaHAMable!

Really, cud he and his friends be any cuter?


Milking the cow puns is too much fun, but without Sparkle Cat Rescue and Kelly Foster Kittens, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy Bo and the barnyard humor.

This tiny kitten almost missed his chance at life when his mom never back.


“Cold, Hungry, and Alone”

“He was found at a construction site in some rafters,” explained Sarah.

Initially, his mother was there too, but workers saw her carrying his sibling away one day. They left Bo where he was, expecting his mom to return for him. She didn’t come back though.

“After being left alone all night with the hope his mom would come back for him, the workers found him in the morning & contacted us.”


As a kitten so young, Bo faced real trouble being on his own. Without his mom for food and warmth, “he was cold, hungry, and alone”.

But thanks to Sarah’s care and his barnyard buddies, Bo gets the opportunity to grow into a healthy cat with a forever family. And that’s no bull!

About her tiny cow foster, Sarah said, “So grateful to be able to give this boy a second chance, a warm incubator & a happy ending.”



“Did you know that cows love belly rubs?”

Cow kittens do anyway! And, holy cow, that kitten belly is too cute!

Hoof on over to Kelly Foster Kittens to follow Bo’s journey to a forever home.

Feature Image: @kellyfosterkittens/Instagram

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