Treat Your Cat With One Of These Halloween-Inspired Toys!

| Published on October 24, 2015

Just because cats can’t eat chocolate doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the best parts of Halloween season. Check out these Halloween and fall inspired toys and treat your cat to something special!

This handmade pumpkin cat toy is filled with organic catnip to drive your cat wild!

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Check out this set of three spooky crocheted toys! With one order you’ll get all three– an eyeball, a piece of candy corn, AND a vampire bat!


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How could you not love these autumn leaf themed cat teasers?!


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See what kind of kitty spirits your cat can summon with this ouija board toy!


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Keep it classic with this bat silhouette.

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Just look at these adorable catnip-filled fleece candy corn toys!


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Couldn’t you just gobble up these pumpkin frosted donut toys?!


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Horror fans will love this Nosferatu-inspired catnip toy!


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