Tiny Kitten Without Eyes Finds The Purrfect Forever Home

The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has long been known as one of the world’s most prominent, dedicated, and passionate animal rescue organizations. And with more than 800 paid employees and over 9,000 volunteers, the BFAS has saved thousands of lives.

Their ultimate goal is to make every shelter in every community no-kill by the year 2025.


Each week, the Best Friends Animal Society shares fun and informative videos on their YouTube channel. Perhaps the most popular videos shared are their “Foster-Wins.”

The concept of foster-wins is an adorable play on the idea of foster-failure. This common occurrence is when a family falls in love with their fostered pet and decides to adopt, making them a permanent part of the family.


In the popular Youtube shorts, the staff of the BFAS shares the stories of pets that come into their care (many of which have been through unimaginable horrors). They then share the “happy ending” of these pets’ stories – their adoption!

One such short tells the story of Ghost, a tiny black and white kitten BFAS brought into their care from a small local shelter needing help. Undergoing major surgery just before his transfer, Ghost arrived at BFAS with no eyes!

While we don’t know the exact reason for Ghost’s surgery, Best Friends’ Veterinarian, Dr. McCarthy, suspects that his eyes became irreversibly infected or that perhaps the kitten was born blind.


One thing is for sure: a lack of sight hasn’t slowed Ghost down in the least:

“He’s a perfect kitten other than (the fact that) he has no eyes,” says Dr. McCarthy, “And he hasn’t let it slow him down one bit! He has done great. He plays, he runs around, he loves cuddles. Doesn’t seem to bother him at all!”

Once Ghost was well enough to leave the hospital, he was placed in a foster home. Pet fosters are an integral part of any successful animal shelter, giving homeless pets a comfortable place to live while freeing up room in the sanctuary for more pets in need.

Ghost quickly made himself at home in his foster mom’s care, enjoying the company of an older Siamese cat. The purr-ific pair bonded quickly, and it soon became apparent that Ghost had found a permanent home, making him yet another foster-win.


According to all sources, Ghost is immensely happy to be in his forever home. A true symbol of resilience, Best Friends Animal Society hopes that Ghost’s story will inspire more people to foster, maybe ending up with a foster-win of their very own!

Featured Image: YouTube

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