“Revolutionary” Tuxedo Kitty Inexplicably Loves Bath-Time

| Published on June 10, 2022

Reddit users have, once again, fallen head-over-heels for an adorable cat who has made its debut in a now-viral video doing something most cats dread: taking a bath. 

The video posted by Reddit user u/MehWhiteShark on March 31st shows an adorable tuxedo kitten enjoying a splash in the bathtub. During the beginning of the video, the kitten, affectionately named Measles, can be seen splashing with his paws while licking his lips. He seems incredibly content wading in the warm water, and Reddit users are SHOOK. 

“This kitty is revolutionary!”, said one user, while another added, “I have always wanted a cat that loves water!!! Lol so stinking cute!”

Fans of the video have attempted to brainstorm theories as to why this kitten loves water when most cats can’t stand to be wet. One user suggests that kittens may enjoy a warm bath as it reminds them of their time in their mother’s womb. This user suggests that a warm bath, in this context, can be comforting to them. 

Others have posited that a cat can be trained to enjoy the water, especially if exposed to it at a young age. The staff at Highway Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD, have even published a training guide for those who are interested in attempting to train a cat to like water.

“It may come as a shock to you, but cats can be taught to appreciate water if they get the right introduction,” says the Highway Veterinary Hospital Staff. “Several cat owners have pondered why cats can’t swim, but the truth is they can!”

And while training a cat to enjoy water may seem crazier than training pigs to fly, many users on this thread have shared their own stories of owning cats who have learned to love the water:

“I had a cat that took showers with me. If I didn’t want him in with me, I had to shut him out of the bathroom or he’d just climb in. I had to give him baths for fleas when I first found him as a kitten. He just loved it,” said one user.

Many users have pointed out the fact that wild cats, such as tigers and lions, enjoy swimming and have suggested that it would make logical sense for domestic cats to be able to adapt as well. 

Science suggests that house cats CAN swim, but they choose not to. And we all know that one of the best things about cats is that they do whatever they want. 

The staff at Highway Veterinary Hospital suggests that owners who wish to teach their cats to swim introduce them to water slowly at first, carrying them into the water if they will allow before slowly releasing them into the shallows and allowing them to paddle. And of course, all swimming sessions should be very closely supervised.