Tiny Kitten Chews on Serious Man’s Ear, Delights Millions

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

Imagine you’re tucked in bed, wrapped snugly in your cozy blanket, ready to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Suddenly, a small yellow and white figure appears and heads straight for you. Oh no!

With tiny sharp claws and teeth, it targets your ear and gives it a gentle nibble. Once satisfied, it curls up behind your ear and begins to purr.

Yes, that yellow and white figure is none other than a small kitten. This kitten, named Pinky, belongs to Irina. Pinky shares his home with other British Shorthair kittens and cats, all of a rare color.

This is likely why Irina remains unfazed when Pinky snuggles up to her. Living with so many cats has made such wake-up calls quite normal.

They probably don’t need an alarm clock because these cats ensure everyone is up in the morning. In fact, they are more effective than an alarm clock since they don’t have a snooze button and will meow persistently until they are fed.

Look at Pinky, comfortably nestled against Irina’s shaved head. When a cat rubs its head against a human, it signifies affection and trust.

Healthy pet coach Jodi Ziskin explains, “When a cat rubs their face on or headbutts their human’s leg or face, they are actually marking [them] with the scent glands located along the side of their face and top of their head.”

Other signs of trust include kneading, nibbling fingers, and slow blinking. “[Kneading] is a holdover from kittenhood, when your baby kitty would let her mom know she was hungry and ready for milk,” says Daniel Rotman, Founder & CEO of PrettyLitter.

Cats also show trust by making prolonged eye contact and slow blinking, which is the feline version of a kiss. When they roll onto their back and expose their belly, it means they trust you, though it’s not an invitation for belly rubs. They are showing vulnerability, indicating they feel safe with you.

Many people don’t enjoy living with cats, but those who do find it incredibly rewarding. Irina, for instance, is allergic to cats but loves them dearly. “Cats have taken over most of my heart. They are a great pill for depression. I thank God for such incredible animals,” Irina shared. “I’m allergic to cats… But my love for cats is stronger and I cannot live without them.”

Irina enjoys creating videos of her cats, delighting viewers with their cuteness.

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