Stray Kitten ‘Adopts’ Yorkie While He’s On A Walk And Follows Him Home

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 26, 2024

There’s a plethora of happy stories about adopting cats. And the best tales are when a cat chooses us. But this story is unique. In the heartwarming, awww-worthy video posted below, a teeny kitten didn’t choose her new human. Instead, she chose a dog! That’s right! A Yorkie and his mom are out for a stroll in the neighborhood. It’s a bleak, overcast day. As the Yorkie walks beneath an overpass, a tiny stray kitten spots him and decides to follow. The dog’s reaction to this new fluffy strangler is absolutely priceless!

The kitten trails closely behind the dog on the sidewalk. When the pup senses she’s there, he turns around and says, “Okay, I have a new little friend.” Because he is sweet-natured, he allows the kitten to continue on her quest. When her tiny legs slow her down a bit, the pup turns back to look for her and then encourages her to keep up.

The dog’s human also encourages the kitten to follow, and the cat now comprehends she’s officially accepted into the pack. They make their way across the street and over to their house. But a curb stands in the way between the kitten and the door. The dog waits and cheers her on as the kitten jumps up the curb. They walk together to the front door.

But there’s another step to climb up onto the porch before her mission is complete. At this point, the dog does the sweetest thing AGAIN! We love this pup. Get ready to see the cutest video of your day. It’s swoon-worthy!

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